August 13, 1999


Are there games that you've played in the past, and wish that someone would update them for the latest consoles? Well, I have thought of the top 10 classic Sega games that could be updated to help the Dreamcast in it's path to domination. I hope you agree with my selections.
10. Wonderboy
Images : Wonderboy (SMS), Wonderboy 3 (MD)

Wonderboy was probably Sega's most well known platform game prior to Sonic. With lovable characters and engrossing gameplay it was one of Sega's earliest hits, which resulted in several sequels. Looking back this game probably took up more game playing time then most other games in Sega's early days. Unfortunately, the series seems to have recessed into the history vaults never to be seen again. I believe that a new Wonderboy game would be a welcome addition to the Dreamcast's lineup, and could be a major draw card, especially to female games players.

9. Fantasy Zone
Images : Fantasy Zone 2 (SMS)

One of the best games on the 8 bit Sega Master System was Sega's side scrolling shooter, Fantasy Zone. Although the game looks primitive by today's standards, back in 1986 (the sequel appeared in 1987 - see screenshot) this series was the best looking of it's kind. But it wasn't just looks that got the game attention. Fantasy Zone is one of the best shoot 'em ups of all time. As the enemies are destroyed coins or notes dropped out and if collected could be used in the shop to arm you ship with even better weapons. Although the genere has fallen by the wayside in recent years the series' bright colours and absorbing gameplay would be welcome addition to the Dreamcast's list of games.

8. Golden Axe
Images : Golden Axe (MD), Golden Axe 3(MD)

Golden Axe first appeared in the arcades over a decade ago now and was soon followed by a superb conversion to Megadrive and Master System way back in 1989. The game was a massive success and was soon followed by two sequels. Unfortunately Golden Axe 3 (1993) was an absolute shocker. The graphics or the original 4 years earlier were far superior and the series lost favour with the public. But that doesn't mean it should remain that way. With the power of the Dreamcast and possibility of online play a new Golden Axe could be one of the best titles on the system.

7. After Burner
Images : After Burner (MD)

Forget Ace Combat, Air Force Delta and Aero Dancing. For sheer flying excitement After Burner is the only choice. With 10 planes aiming for you head-on this was one game worth the money. While home conversions weren't the best seen the gameplay was still top notch. A full 3D upgrade to the Dreamcast could be one of the best action games ever. Replacing the scaling sprites of the original would result in smoother graphics, more fluid action and as much fun that could ever come from a flying game.

6. Toe Jam N' Earl
Images : ToeJam & Earl (MD)

Released in 1991, ToeJam & Earl won the acclaim of press and public alike. With a great sense of humour, excellent sound effects and caroon graphics it soon became one of the most loved games on Sega's 16 bit system. TJ&E set new standards for platform games. Gone was the side on view, instead an overhead view was used to brilliant effect. Although a Dreamcast incarnation of the series is likely, it is still not definite. Hopefully the humour of the Megadrive games will be retained.

5. Outrun/Outrunners
No Images Available.

There is no doubt that Outrun is the original king of the racing games in the arcades. It may look out of place now but when the original game was released almost a decade ago it was an instant hit. The game used superb sprite scaling and super fast movement. A Dreamcast upgrade could provide some of the most spectacular racing events ever, especially is a multiplayer mode was included.

4. Streets of Rage
Images : Streets of Rage (MD), Streets of Rage 3(MD)

I guess you could say that Spikeout is so similar to Streets of Rage that the series is already on the Dreamcast. But it was just the sheer excitement that surrounded the classic Megadrive series (yes, it appeared on the Master System as well) that needs to be transferred. The photo realistic backdrops were simply amazing and the gameplay superb.

3. Shinobi
Images : Shinobi (ARC)

Several months ago I held a poll to see which classic Sega game you would love to see on Dreamcast. Shinobi won hands down with 37.5% of the total vote. Shinobi is one of those classic games that no matter how many times you played it, it was always great to go back for more. I would be fearful however, that if the game was transferred into 3D it would loose some of it's charm, rather like Castlevania did in the move from 2D to 3D.

2. Daytona USA
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Without a doubt Daytona USA is Sega's pinnacle in the arcades. No other racing game in history has come close to the excitement of racing so many cars on a closed circuit. Although the first Saturn version of the game was dire to say the least the upgrades were quite good. But only the Dreamcast can really do a game such as Daytona justice. My gut feeling is that we will see this game soon rather then later.

1. Phantasy Star
Images : Phantasy Star 3 (MD)

Well it had to be in the list somewhere. Sega's most respected and cherished RPG series of all time would be a massive boost to the Dreamcast. With RPG companies' Square and Enix still to commit to the Dreamcast, a RPG with such a well known name could be the shot in the arm required for the Dreamcast, especially in Japan. There is some good news here though. The same team that has worked on the Phantasy Star series are currently working on a very similar styled RPG, titled Project Ares. This game is due out in early 2000.
Well I hope you enjoyed reading this Top 10 list as much as I did in creating it. If you have any comments or questions E-mail me at :