February 22, 2001

There are so many games coming out these days that it's hard to pick the best. Of course Future Gamez reviews as many games as possible, but there are a select few that I can hardly wait for. Below is a list of my 10 most wanted games set for release on both Playstation 2 and Dreamcast during 2001. These games are those which can't be ignored, and which you should already be saving up for. Full previews of the games (where possible) can be accessed by clicking the games logo to the right.


Before I begin the Top 10 list I have selected 3 games which you'll probably ask why they aren't on the list, and I'll give you an explanation as to why they didn't make th grade. Needless to say, these are also awesome titles that should seriously be considered when they hit the shelves.

Phantasy Star Online
(Sonic Team, DC)
Phantasy Star Online is one of the most applauded RPG games in years, especially on the consoles. The graphics are awesome, the gameplay intense. Why then did it miss out? As the title suggests this is an online game. Ozisoft have me very concerned. A quote from their press release;
"Although the Phantasy Star Online enables Dreamcast users to access the global network servers developed by SEGA, 'Online functions not guaranteed or supported in Australia or New Zealand' ". Go figure.
Release Date:14/3/2001

Quake III Revolution
(Electronic Arts, PS2)
One of the hottest FPS games ever is almost ready for the Playstation 2. But this game will include several additions from the PC version such as new weapons and levels. Why isn't it in the Top 10? Simple. It's all been seen before. While Red Faction will be a new game with new FPS features (such as destructible walls) this is merely an enhanced port of the PC game. Still the PC game was nothing to sneeze at.
Release Date:23/3/2001

Daytona USA Online
(Sega, DC)
By all accounts this is by far the best version of Daytona USA ever. The graphics look very sharp and the gameplay is well... Daytona. Why then doesn't it appear in the Top 10? There are 2 simple reasons. Firstly the controls using the control pad are apparently very awkward. Only with a steering wheel will this game be fully enjoyed. The other reason the possibility that online gameplay won't make it down under.
Release Date:May 2001


10. Star Wars: Starfighter
(Lucas Arts, PS2)
When it comes to movies few are bigger then Star Wars and any game generates a lot of excitement. Star Wars: Starfighter looks like the most promising game yet with awesome special effects and promising gameplay. Those of you disappointed with the recent movie, The Phantom Menace, will be pleased to hear that this game is set during the same time period, but has very few ties with the movie.
Release Date:21/3/2001

9. Sonic Adventure 2
(Sonic Team, DC)
Sonic Adventure 2 promises a whole lot more then the first game, which was pretty damn good anyway. With better graphics, better gameplay and a lot more development time Yuji Naka looks set to create the most exciting Sonic game ever.
Release Date:22/6/2001

8. Final Fantasy X
(Square, PS2)
Square's massive RPG is almost complete for the Playstation 2. With much-improved graphics and plenty of development time this should be hot. But will it offer anything new? Possibly not, but then it may not have to, the Final Fantasy series is awesome.
Release Date:Late 2001

7. Ace Combat 4
(Namco, PS2)
Namco's flight sim not only looks hot but follows three successful outings on the PSOne. As long as Namco can maintain a high frame rate with such mind blowing graphics then this game will be played for a very long time.
Release Date:Late 2001

6. Virtua Fighter 4
(Sega, PS2)
It has hardly even been confirmed for the arcades and Sega have already announced that this will be coming to the home console. Forget the Dreamcast for now; this game is currently slated to be a Playstation 2 exclusive. If past games are any indication this will be awesome.
Release Date:TBD

5. OutTrigger
(Sega, DC)
OutTrigger may just dethrone Quake III Arena and Unreal Tournament as the death match king. Sure, it's based on a little seen arcade game with an emphasis on quick kills and a short game. Sega are working hard to expand the game for the home and the beta version I played was stunning. Oh did I mention online gameplay?
Release Date:TBD 2001

4. Virtua Tennis 2 (Dreamcast)
(Sega, DC)
Virtua Tennis was one of the best games on the Dreamcast during 2000 and the sequel is in development as you read this. Online gameplay is almost certain and female players, such as the Williams sisters, have been confirmed. This game should improve on the already impressive original.
Release Date:Late 2001

3. Red Faction
(Volition, PS2)
Volition's first game, Summoner, was quite a decent RPG, albeit with average graphics due to a very short draw-in distance. Red Faction looks much more advanced. This FPS game will allow fully destructible worlds as well as a great storyline. This could kill off the king of the First Person Shooters, Half Life.
Release Date:1/5/2001

2. Gran Turismo 3
(Polyphony Digital, PS2)
This will be the first outing of Gran Turismo on the Playstation 2. With delays of almost a year Sony's racer is looking better by the day. To say that it is amazing is an understatement, this game will push the boundaries of racing game further then ever before.
Release Date:1/5/2001

1. Metal Gear Solid: Sons Of Liberty
(Konami, PS2)
Do I really have to tell you why this is the most wanted game? The atmosphere. The graphics. The story. The development team. The promises. No. It's the absolutely incredible gameplay that will make this one of the best games. Ever. Release Date:1/11/2001

Well I hope you enjoyed reading this Top 10 list as much as I did in creating it. If you have any comments or questions E-mail me at : phantom@winshop.com.au