October 20, 1999

If you sit back an look at the games available in the store you'd probably think that everything is covered. But I look at the shelves and think why the hell isn't this type of game available. Perhaps you can't see the demand or the opportunities that I can and no doubt you could come up with a lot more types of game. Anyway onto the Top 10 list....
10. Goldfields/Bushranger
Business games are quite often very tedious and boring, Bullfrog's Theme Park and Theme Hospital are the notable exceptions. I believe that a game based on the gold fields during the 1800's would be great fun as well. Building a gold empire to take over the world has interesting elements. Hiring miners, security forces and agants to steal gold from opponents could be great fun. Of course, if you put all your money into the bank you run the risk of an armed robbery. It would be an interesting game, perhaps not to everybody's liking but could proove a hit.

9. Waterslide World
I guess that there are already games like this including Roller Coaster Tycoon and Theme Park World but living on the Gold Coast we appreciate our water and building a game based on a water park sounds like a bit of fun. With the ability to design the water slides, pools, and surroundings this could be a very relaxing game indeed.

8. Star Wars Flight Simulation
OK, the PC has X-Wing, Tie Fighter, X-Wing VS Tie Fighter, and Star Wars Alliance but why is there no decent Star Wars flight sims on the consoles. I don't really have to explain a lot here, the idea is basic. Hop into a Tie Fighter, X-Wing or any other Star Wars craft and destroy the opposition. Thankfully, Lucas Arts are developing games on the Dreamcast and hopefully a Star Wars game will be released sooner rather then later.

7. Surfing/Body Boarding
There really hasn't been a great surfing/body boarding game on any home system. It's doubtful that a game like this would be a huge seller because of it's limited variety of gameplay. I mean how many types of waves are there in the world? However, there is a niche market that would love a game like this, especially for when there aren't any real waves.

6. Drag Racing
Drag Racing is becoming bigger and bigger with every meet in Australia. If you've never been to a drag race you probably don't understand the adrenaline rush that you get by seeing either Top Fuel of the Jet Cars hurtling down the track at close to 300mph. There have been drag racing games in the past, but nothing recently. If a developer took the time to add in an internet racing mode with bonuses if you win then this game could be huge. An excellent opportunity for a developer that should be taken up ASAP.

5. Hockey
Ice Hockey is fairly well represented on the home systems but I haven't been able to find a grass hockey game. With many countries in the world without an ice hockey league grass hockey is quite a popular sport. It's strange that no one has developed a game based on this sport because it can be fast and furious and could make an excellent video game.

4. Rollerblading
Sega's Top Skater set the arcades alight recently with a unique skateboarding title. But what about rollerblades? Rollerblading would make a great game through a speed course or a trick course and it's a shame that no one has developed a game like this yet.

3. Get the Girl/Guy
In Japan, dating simulations are quite big. Just why developers keep away from the genere is a bit of a mystery to me. While no substitute for the real thing games like this can be fun for while. I suppose Leisure Suit Larry is as close to the genere as we get and until laws relating to nudity and sex in video games are sorted out it's unlikely that we'll ever see games as risque as in Japan. I would definately like to see someone try though.

2. Hunting with Light Gun
It's amazing when you look at the success of Deer Hunter that no one has developed a light gun hunting game. Light gun games are rare enough but surely a realistic hunting game would be quite a big boost to any system. Whether it's hunting ducks, wild animals or dinosaurs anything would be great. Yes, the animal right people would probably jump up and down a bit, but it would probably sell by the truckload.

1. Netball
If games companies are serious about converting girls to gaming then they have to develop games that they will understand and enjoy playing. Netball is one of the highest participation sports in Australia and a game based on that sport could potentially outsell most other sports games being released these days.
Well I hope you enjoyed reading this Top 10 list as much as I did in creating it. If you have any comments or questions E-mail me at : phantom@winshop.com.au