August 24, 1998


Sega held a short interview with members of the public after the sonic unveiling. The following is a transcript of the event :

Q: Currently Sonic Adventure's release date is loosely set as "end of this year." Does this mean Sonic Adventure isn't a launch title for Dreamcast?
Naka: We are working on the game with the intention of it being a launch title, but because of the nature of developing a video game, it's hard to say if it will be on time. That's why it is set at this time as being released by the "end of this year."
Irimajiri: Currently seven to eight titles are expected to be launch titles. Sonic Adventure is definitely one of them. As for the other launch titles, those will be announced at the Sega New Challenge Conference which will be held sometime in October.

Q: It seems that the developing games for DC isn't an easy ride. By any chance, will this lead to a delay of the system's launch?
Irimajiri: That question is actually a sore spot. We are using a brand new chip set for the Dreamcast in certain parts. If the yielding percentage of these chips aren't good as we expected, it may delay the launch. But if there is a delay, it will be very small.

Q: PC games nowadays utilize better and better technology and they get better day by day. How will you maintain a DC advantage over PC games?
Irimajiri: Current high end PCs with high end graphics boards provide performance near to what the Dreamcast can do and it may match it sometime next year. But that's a case of looking at the very high-end. If you think about the lower to mid-range, Dreamcast will be ahead for three to four years. After that, there's the possibility of upgrading its features just like PCs. When this is the case, we will be sure to keep backward compatibility in mind.

Q: Currently how much has been spent to develop Sonic Adventure?
Naka: We are working on the game with about 100 people. So it's definitely bigger than previous Sonic games. But I'm sure it won't be costly as Square's.
Irimajiri: We are hoping on million sales for this game. So it will be paid back.