January 17, 1999


Below is another quick interview which I have been able to have with a Sega Ozisoft employee here in Australia. I'm sure that you will find much of this interesting.

Can the Dreamcast play VCD movies (old MPEG movies, not DVD)?
The Dreamcast cannot play MPEG movies. This is unlikely to be implemented at all. There just isn't enough demand.

Is there any anticipated launch price in Australia yet? Also what price for the games?
We are working on price points now. We have a couple of working price points which we are now putting through the grinder to see what happens. They are very reasonable.

September 9th is rumoured in the US and UK. Can you confirm this date yet?
We are currently working towards this date. The August date was revised a couple of weeks ago.

When will advertising start here in Australia?
Not yet, we are still over 8 months from launch date, which is too soon. We do not want our advertising to peak too early.

How many launch titles can we expect here? Can you name any of them yet?
The launch titles are still being discussed. Some will be quite obvious. We are still looking at 12 - 15 on Day 1.

When will the Sega Ozisoft web site be updated to include Dreamcast info.
The final web page designs have landed on my desk this morning for approval and changes. I haven't looked through them yet. If there are no major changes it should be about 2 weeks away.

How will the online aspect of the Dreamcast work here in Australia and how much will consumers have to pay for the service.
Ahhh, meetings, meetings and more meetings. We are still discussing this. This is an area where we have to do the most work. We are going through lots of different scenarios at the moment. Any ideas from your readers will be appreciated.

Well I hope you enjoyed reading this interview as much as I did in conducting it. If you have any comments or questions E-mail me at : phantom@winshop.com.au