September, 1998


Below is a quick interview which I have been able to have with a Sega Ozisoft employee here in Australia. I'm sure that you will find much of this interesting.

You've said that the Dreamcast will launch in August in Australia, is there any anticipated price point yet for the unit or games?
The price of the Dreamcast and games will not be established until just before launch. I can say that the consoles on the market at the time, and respective prices at that time, will be taken into consideration when determining the launch price point of the Dreamcast.

Will Sega-Ozisoft definately be handling the distribution of Dreamcast in Australia?
Yes. Sega-Ozisoft is confirmed as the distributor in Australia.

How many titles do you anticipate will be released with the system at launch, and by the end of 1999.
We are anticipating having 12 titles ready for launch and 30 titles available by the end of 1999.

Do you know of any possible Dreamcast developers in Australia?

When will marketing begin in the press here (TV or Magazines)?
Meetings with all major media (TV/Radio/Press) have begun and is likely to continue for several months. I will know more when these conclude. I cannot release the information I have at this stage regarding media strategy or timing as you can appreciate. We did release some information to Hyper magazine recently.

Will the Dreamcast in Australia contain the modem and if so what speed is likely.
Yes, the Dreamcast will contain a modem in Australia. It will be shipped with a 33.6 K as standard. It is important to realise that this is modular and will be able to be upgraded in the future. Speaking of connecting, the VMS will also be linkable allowing for transfer of data and 2 player VMS games.

Recent rumours/comments from ECTS are that the controller may now have the shaking feature, like the Playstations dual shock controller. Do you know if this feature will be built in or seperate from the controller.
At the moment this feature will not be available at launch but may be an add on. This of course can change and is one of the most hazy areas concerning the Dreamcast at this point in time.

Well there you go. It is interesting to note that the PAL system will have a 33.6k modem built in and that the unit will be available in August, one month earlier then previously thought.
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