January 27, 2014

~ PART 2 ~

If you didn't check out Part 1 we suggest you start there before reading this list. You can also see the rules associated with the awards there too. Enjoy.

Moving onto our second part of the 2013 Futuregamez.net awards and our focus shift to the various game genres including best RPG, Strategy, Sports, Action and Fighting game before looking at the best Technology, Best Story and Best Intro & Cut-Scenes.

Best Puzzle/Music Game
Winner: Rocksmith 2014 (PS3, Ubisoft San Francisco)
If you're a guitar player, or indeed a guitar wannabe, this is the real deal. While releases such as Guitar Hero were fun representation of playing a guitar - or being in a band when the franchise expanded - Ubisoft's title allows you to plug in a real guitar and play realistically. This years release added in quite a few new features making it a much more well-rounded release and one well worth picking up.
Runners Up: Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons (PS3, Starbreeze Studios), Stealth Inc (PS3, Curve Studios).

Best Strategy/Simulation Game
Winner: Pixeljunk Monsters Ultimate HD (PSVita, Double Eleven)
Admittedly this game has been released on Playstation 3 a couple of years ago but this PSVita title offers a complete package and one of the best strategy/simulation releases of the year. In fact, there were so few other titles in this category that it was hard picking titles to even consider.
Runners Up: War Thunder (PS4, Gaijin Ent.), Armored Core Verdict Day (PS3, From Software).

Best Role Playing Game
Winner: Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch (PS3, Level-5)
It was a moderately strong year for RPG's this year, mostly due to the maturity of the PS3 as a console. Level-5 are one of the best at making RPG's and while this game won't suit everyone's taste Ni No Kuni is a visually stunning, highly entertaining game with a solid story. If you're a RPG fan then do yourself a favour and pick this title up now.
Runners Up: Diablo III (PS3, Blizzard), Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen (PS3, Capcom).

Best (First of Third Person) Shooter Game
Winner: Bioshock Infinite (PS3, Irrational Games)
It has been a very strong year for shooters on all platforms however it was the third entry in 2K's Bioshock that had us in Raptures (get it?). A visually impressive title this game pushed the franchise to a new level while also providing one of the best shooters ever seen. Having said that, even the runners up are definately worth a look as well.
Runners Up: Resogun (PS4, Housemarque), Call of Duty: Ghosts (PS3/PS4, Infinity Ward).

Best Action/Adventure/Platform Game
Winner: The Last Of Us (PS3, Naughty Dog)
What more can we say about this phenomenal title which hasn't been said in our review? Well, perhaps that, with time, the online multiplayer has only got stronger, that the game is just as good with multiple play throughs, and there's a pretty chunky story DLC coming out in the next few weeks. This is easily one of the best games of the year (perhaps the best - you'll have to wait to see) and a perfect way to farewell the PS3. In any other year the two runners up would almost certainly have won this category, but all Naughty Dog just have that magic touch.
Runners Up: Grand Theft Auto V (PS3, Rockstar North), Tomb Raider (PS3, Crystal Dynamics).

Best Fighting Game
Winner: Injustice Gods Among Us (PS3, Neatherealm)
As you can see in our Runners Up section below we didn't have any other fighting games worth considering but the good news is that fighting game really is quite an impressive title which brings together a range of superheroes to battle it out. While it doesn't have the blood and gore of the developers other franchise (that being Mortal Kombat) this title is every bit as impressive.
Runners Up: None. We honestly can't think of any other fighting games worth your attention so aren't going to waste your time.

Best Sports Game
Winner: FIFA 14 (PS3/PS4, EA Canada)
Electronic Arts know how to develop a fantastic soccer game and this years edition leaves nothing behind. Between the wide range of game modes, the fantastic audio visual presentation, and the fantastic on-pitch gameplay this game hits all the right notes and for the second year in a row EA's soccer (or football) game wins the top gong for Best Sports Game.
Runners Up: NBA 2K14 (PS3/PS4, Visual Concepts), Madden NFL 25 (PS3/PS4, EA Tiburon).

Best Racing Game
Winner: GRID 2 (PS3, Codemasters)
2013 was a very strong year for racing games with plenty of strong contenders to win this category. Ultimately we loved the fast paced drifting action, with damage and a wonderful range of locations in GRID 2 that got the title over the edge. Don't get us wrong though Polyphony Digital's simulation is sublime and improving with updates, while EA's Need for Speed continues to impress - and on the Playstation 4 as well.
Runners Up: Gran Turismo 6 (PS3, Polyphony Digital), Need for Speed Rivals (PS3/PS4, Ghost Games).

Best Game People Forgot to Buy
Winner: Saint's Row IV (PS3, Volition Inc)
This was a pretty hard category to pick this year as with digital distribution sales figures are becoming hard to come by. This year's winner though shifted 2.1 million units which is impressive by many terms, but when you consider Saints Row IV's biggest rival Grand Theft Auto V sold 29.7 million units to date it's clear that Volition Inc's title should have sold many more units. The two runners up are there for different reasons Gran Turismo 6 with 1.8 million units after 6 weeks compared to 5.4 million units after the same amount of time, while the phenomenal Rayman Legends has only sold 300,000 units on PS3 (840k on all platforms) which given the quality of the title is bitterly disappointing. C'mon guys get out there and support these games.
Runners Up: Gran Turismo 6 (PS3, Polyphony Digital), Rayman Legends (PS3, Ubisoft).

Best New Technology or Game Engine
Winner: Grand Theft Auto V RAGE Engine (PS3, Rockstar North)
So RAGE isn't an entirely new engine, but there's no doubt that Rockstar are pushing the engine further then ever before on the old PS3 hardware. The massive open-world environment offers varied environments, a living city and plenty fo ways to explore the world. It's doubtful we'll ever see anything as technically accomplished as this on PS3.
Runners Up: Resogun In-House Engine (PS3, Housemarque), Killzone: Shadow Fall Umbra 3 Engine (PS4, Guerrilla Games).

Best Storyline In A Game
Winner: The Last of Us (PS3, Naughty Dog)
So we've all seen zombie apocalypse games in the past, but Naughty Dog, takes the storytelling to a whole new level with a wonderful script, and some the best cut-scenes and acting ever seen in a game. The emotional journey you go on with Joel and Ellie is engrossing and while the games concluding moments will perhaps disappoint (it did for Michael, but I, David, enjoyed it) it takes some master storytelling to impress on this level.
Runners Up: Bioshock Infinite (PS3, Irrational Games), Grand Theft Auto V (PS3, Rockstar North).

Best Cut-Scenes In A Game
Winner: The Last of Us (PS3, Naughty Dog)
Not only does this game have the best storyline in a game in 2013, but we simply can't go past the phenomenal cut-scenes littered throughout the game as the best in this generation. Everything down to the smallest nuance has been captured but the game also brings bags full emotion and awe. Has there ever been better giraffe's in a video game?
Runners Up: Batman: Arkham Origins (PS3, WB Games Montreal), Grand Theft Auto V (PS3, Rockstar North).

Best Artistic Style In A Game
Winner: Rayman Legends (PS3, Ubisoft)
Ubisoft's Rayman franchise has been a favourite of ours, and a visual stunner ever since the first game was release on the Playstation almost two decades ago now. Great news for PS4 owners too with Ubisoft set to release the game on that format in late February with improved visuals in all areas including 1080p resolution. We can't wait...
Runners Up: Trine 2: Complete Story (PS4, Frozenbyte), Dmc Devil May Cry (PS3, Ninja Theory).

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