January 14, 2013

~ PART 3 ~

If you missed Part 1 or Part 2 of the Futuregamez.net Awards then we suggest you start with those, but if you have, then read on for the big ones...

Here we come to the third and final part of the Futuregamez.net Awards in which we look at the Best Sound, Best Graphics and Overall Game of the Year. Obviously the PSP is a dead system, and we don't cover the PSVita so we don't have categories for those systems. Here we go...

Best Sound in a PS3 Game
Winner: Journey (Thatgamecompany)
With games being released on 50GB Blu-Ray discs there really is no reason for poor quality audio other then limiting budgets, or, well, crap audio engineers. But sometimes it's the artistry that takes precedence and in that case Journey is everything with the game riding on the emotion created by the music which is phenomenal by it's simplicity. No dialogue, few effects, and a gorgeous ping to communicate with other online players makes this a complete joy.
Runners Up: Mass Effect 3 (Bioware), Borderlands 2 (Gearbox Software).

Best Graphics in a PS3 Game
Winner: Borderlands 2 (Gearbox Software)
2012 was actually an interesting year for visuals - certainly one of the best years overall, but so many games had brilliant visuals but were often also riddled with glitches (Screen tearing or clipping) which make them less than perfect. In the end though we went with Borderlands 2 as it's a unique looking game that takes a serious subject matter and drops it into a wonderful cel-shaded world which maintains a high frame rate even in the most intense of battles.
Runners Up: Final Fantasy XIII-2 (Square-Enix), Mass Effect 3 (Bioware).


Developer: Bioware
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Distributer: Electronic Arts
Release Date: 8/3/2012

What can we say about this epic RPG that hasn't been said before (or at least in our review). This is the conclusive chapter in Bioware's epic trilogy (and we must add this game is now available as Mass Effect Trilogy which includes all three titles in one bundle) which sees Commander Shepherd taking on a massive number of enemies, managing friends, and trying to save the galaxy.

Everything in this game just oozes quality from the epic visuals, to the stunning audio including thousands of lines of dialogue through the branching storylines, the enhanced gameplay to the online multiplayer. It's hard to see how the developers could have improved this title beyond the odd glitch here and there, and while some were upset over the ending, a post-release patch seems to have kept most happy. Continued support via DLC has kept the game in many a PS3 (or PC/XBox 360), while for others multiple playthroughs are required to fully appreciate this stunning release.

Mass Effect 3 is a shining beacon about what games can be as an art form and is a worthy winner of the 2012 Futuregamez Game of the Year.

Runners Up: Far Cry 3 (PS3, Ubisoft Montreal), XCOM: Enemy Unknown (PS3, Firaxis), Journey (PS3, Thatgamecompany), Sleeping Dogs (PS3, United Front Games), Borderlands 2 (PS3, Gearbox Software), FIFA 13 (PS3, EA Canada), NBA 2K13 (PS3, Visual Concepts), Call of Duty: Black Ops II (PS3, Treyarch).

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