December 27, 2005

~ PART 2 ~

Here we go the second part of the 2005 Awards, and in this section we look at the best game in many of the most popular categories including Platform game, Sports game, Fighting game and so on. If you didn't check out Part 1 we suggest you start there before reading this list. You can also see the rules associated with the awards there too. Enjoy.

Best Puzzle/Music Game
Winner: Lumines (PSP, Q Entertainment)
We already had this game down as the winner in the most original category, although it was borderline whether it should be entered there. There is no doubt here though. During 2005 there was absolutely no doubt that this game is the clear winner when it comes to puzzle and music games. Indeed if you own a PSP this is one of the very few absolutely essential titles. A genuine masterpiece that has a strong shot at game of the year in a couple of days.
Runners Up: Super Monkey Ball DX (Sega), Archer MacLean's Mercury (PSP, Awesome Studios).

Best Strategy Game
Winner: Makai Kingdom: Chronicles of the Sacred Tome (Nippon Ichi)
Strategy games can be a little thin on the ground in PAL territories but THQ have been kind enough to bring this fantastic strategy game out here. It's a bit Japanese, and quite niche, but in terms of strategy games in 2005 Nippon Ichi's title is a clear winner. The only problem is that it was released in such small numbers in PAL territories it will be quite hard to track down, but it's worth the effort.
Runners Up: Full Spectrum Warrior (Pandemic Studios), Kessen III (Koei).

Best Role Playing Game
Winner: The Bard's Tale (inXile)
With a lack of Square-Enix showings this year the RPG category was left wide open. Looking back there have been some great titles, but in the end we choose The Bard's Tale due to the overall enjoyment while playing. Some of the humour is absolutely hilarious and the game has a fairly solid storyline as well. Now, we just have to wait for a sequel.
Runners Up: X-Men Legends II: Rise of the Apocalypse (PS2/PSP, Raven Software/Vicarious Visions), Shadow Heart's Covenant (Aruze).

Best Action Game
Winner: God of War (SCEA Santa Monica)
It was June 2005 and we were going about our daily business when a disc arrived from Sony. That disc was to redefine what the PS2 was capable of. That disc was God of War. Without a doubt the story of Kratos is one which not only tells a wonderful story but also provides some of the most amazing set pieces in video games. Who will every forget the first battle with the Hydra? We won't. The action is fast and relentless and when you complete the game even more options are opened up. Sheer brilliance.
Runners Up: Resident Evil 4 (Capcom), Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater (Konami).

Best Platform and/or Adventure Game
Winner: Fahrenheit (Quantic Dream)
This is probably not a game many of you would have considered, and considering how few were sold it's a crying shame that it didn't do much bigger numbers given the quality of the game. In the game you play both a murderer, who has no recollection of the events, but also the two detectives trying to track him down. It sounds strange, but it works superbly, as does the decision making process where you have a few seconds to determine how to respond to different situations, or risk being caught or missing an opportunity. If you're after something a little different, but quite superb, then check this game out.
Runners Up: Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones (Ubisoft Montreal), Peter Jackson's King Kong (Ubisoft Montpillier).

Best Fighting Game
Winner: Tekken 5 (Namco)
This is a genuine classic. Not only have Namco created some of the most gorgeous visuals ever seen from the PS2 but more importantly have returned the game to the level that we have come to expect - it's fast, fun and yet still very deep. This game beat out Namco's other brawler due to the fact that this offered a more well rounded gaming experience including three new characters including Raven Asuka and Feng. If you're a fighting game fan then this is a must have title this year.
Runners Up: Soul Calibur 3 (Namco), WWE Smackdown Vs Raw 2006 (Yukes).

Best Sports Game
Winner: Pro Evolution Soccer 5 (Konami)
Second year in a row that this series has placed first here, and deservedly so with Konami making more subtle changes to an already spectacular game. The rosters and teams have increased, online gameplay is now included and the gameplay even more balanced then previous titles. Electronic Arts, and their FIFA series, have been struggling in recent years and with Konami's title earning more recognition every year - even without the FIFA branding - EA have something very big to fear. The essential 2005 sports game.
Runners Up: Fight Night Round 2 (EA Chicago), Virtua Tennis: World Tour (PSP, Sumo Digital).

Best Racing Game
Winner: Gran Turismo 4 (Polyphony Digital)
It seems like an eternity since this game was released, but it was 2005 in Australia, and the game is very deserving of this title. The number of cars and tracks is phenomenal and while a lack of damage is disappointing - as well as the lack of online modes - this game is still way ahead of the competition in terms of car physics, track design and the complete driving experience. Hook the game up to a Steering Wheel and you'll be in auto heaven.
Runners Up: Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition (PS2/PSP, Rockstar San Diego), Wipeout Pure (PSP, SCEE).

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