January 1, 2003

~ PART 2 ~

This is the second part of the Future Gamez 2002 Awards where a winner is picked for each different major genre as well as a winner for the Best Sound and Graphics as well as the Best Overall Game of 2002. If you missed Part 1 of the awards where the best and worst of 2002 as well as best developers, peripheral and technology were awarded then I would suggest you go there to check out the other winners first. If you've checked them out then read on.

Best Puzzle/Strategy/Interactive Game
Winner: ICO (SCEI)
Some may complain that this isn't strictly a puzzle game. I tend to disagree. While it is set up like an adventure title the entire game is based around puzzle solving, and what fantastic designs they are too. A sequel is in the works, but if you don't have this game - you must get it.
Runners Up: Dynasty Tactics (Koei), Kessen 2 (Koei).

Best Fighting Game
Winner: Virtua Fighter 4 (Sega AM2)
A much better year for fighting games this year, with Sega's brawler coming out on top. The graphics, sound and gameplay are virtually arcade perfect, and that makes this the best home fighting game ever.
Runners Up: Tekken 4 (Namco), Marvel Vs Capcom 2 (Capcom).

Best Platform Game
Winner: Ratchet & Clank (Insomniac Games)
Perhaps not as instantly enjoyable as last years smash hit Jak & Daxter, but this proves to be a very different game, despite the similar looks and name. Using numerous weapons adds a new gameplay element from Naughty Dog's title while the but scenes are very well done indeed.
Runners Up: Maximo: Ghosts to Glory (Capcom), Harry Potter & Chamber of Secrets (EA Games).

Best Sports Game
Winner: Madden NFL 2003 (EA Sports)
Although the PAL game doesn't include online gameplay there are enough enhancements and improvements to make this a must have title if you have any liking of the sport at all. Exactly how EA Sports manages to improve the title year after year astounds but this years title is easily the best sports title on the market this year. .
Runners Up: Pro Evolution Soccer 2 (Konami), Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2003 (EA Sports).

Best Action (non FPS) Game
Winner: Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (Rockstar North)
This was set to be GTA3 in this position, until Vice City came out and literally blew that game away. Almost ever single aspect of the original game on PS2 has been improved upon while the game includes well over 100 hours of gameplay to find all the special and hidden features. Only some small annoyances including camera angles and clipping annoy, but this is possibly the best action game ever released.
Runners Up: Metal Gear Solid: Sons of Liberty (Konami), Grand Theft Auto III (Rockstar North).

Best First Person Shooter Game
Winner: TimeSplitters 2 (Free Radical Design)
While the single player game still lacks slightly behind Volition's effort there is enough here to keep you playing for quite some time. However it's the multi-player modes that really make this game stand out with over a dozen different game modes, which will keep you entertained for weeks. Some smart cookies have even hacked the game to run online apparently.
Runners Up: Red Faction 2 (Volition), Medal of Honor Frontline (EA Games).

Best Role Playing Game
Winner: Final Fantasy X (Square)
This game just knocks out Square's other big RPG this year, the surprisingly impressive Kingdom Hearts. With a brilliant storyline, stunning visuals and engrossing RPG mechanics this game is yet another winner. The only downer to the game is the lack of 60Hz mode, and worse, no 50Hz optimisation resulting in large borders. Still, it's a must have RPG, that's for sure.
Runners Up: Kingdom Hearts (Square), Summoner 2 (Volition).

Best Racing Game
Winner: Burnout 2: Point of Impact (Criterion)
With a more arcade slant then simulation one of this greatest things about this title is the sense of speed and danger. Criterion has added in many more extras then the original increasing the longevity endlessly. Whoever thought that arcade styled racing games can't succeed should have a second look at this title. This is one racing game that every PS2 owner should add to their collection.
Runners Up: Colin McRae Rally 3 (Codemasters), V8 Supercars Australia (Codemasters).

Best Sound in a Game
Winner: Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (Rockstar North)
This awards was going to go to Rez until the depth of this games sound was heard. With over 100 music tracks from the 1980's, and DTS sound this is one game that just blows away the competition. The radio station chatter is hilarious as are the advertisements on the stations.
Runners Up: Rez (Sega), Medal of Honor Frontline (EA Games).

Best Graphics in a Game
Winner: The Getaway (Team Soho)
The debate shall rage about this title winning the best graphics award for 2002, and indeed the action sequences really did require some more work. However, this award is deserving due to the astounding driving sections of the game as well as the phenomenal cut scenes. Both of them push new boundaries for the Playstation 2 and the use of the Performance Analyser development kit on the game has paid big dividends.
Runners Up: Final Fantasy X (Square), ICO (SCEI).

Best Game Of 2002

Winner: Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (Rockstar North)
Arriving very late in the year, but in time for the awards Rockstar North have proven that they aren't a one hit wonder by developing a far superior sequel to their hit Grand Theft Auto III. Not only does the game have some brilliant graphics and over 100 songs to listen to, but the gameplay is superb. Missions offer multiple ways to be completed, while the game includes numerous hidden missions and bonuses.

Runners Up: Metal Gear Solid: Sons of Liberty (Konami), Final Fantasy X (Square), ICO (SCEI), Virtua Fighter 4 (Sega).

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