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November 18 2007


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Movie Name Release Date Australian Distributer Star(s) Rating
2 Fast 2 Furious16/11/2005UniversalPaul WalkerM
28 Days Later4/1/2006FoxCillian MurphyMA15+
50 Cent: The Massacre28/11/2005UMAN/AMA15+
8 Mile6/9/2005UniversalEminemM
A Knight's Tale1/9/2005Sony PicturesHeath LedgerM
Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl25/1/2006Sony PicturesTaylor LautnerG
AFL: Screamers, Shockers and Sharpshooters1/12/2005Sony AustraliaN/AG
Alien5/10/2005FoxSigourney WeaverM
Aliens17/5/2006FoxSigourney WeaverM
Alien Vs Predator5/10/2005FoxSanaa LathanM
Anacondas: Hunt for the Blood Orchid1/9/2005Sony PicturesAn AnacondaM
Anger Management20/6/2006Sony PicturesAdam SandlerM
Armageddon22/2/2006Buena VistaBruce WillisM
Bad Boys1/9/2005Sony PicturesWill SmithMA15+
Bad Santa23/11/2005Sony PicturesBilly Bob ThorntonMA15+
Be Cool1/9/2005Sony PicturesJohn TravoltaM
Beauty Shop23/11/2005Sony PicturesQueen LatifahM
Behind Enemy Lines1/2/2006FoxLuke WilsonM
Bewitched23/11/2005Sony PicturesWill Farrell & Nicole KidmanPG
Big Daddy7/12/2005Sony PicturesAdam SandlerPG
Black Dawn5/4/2006Sony PicturesSteven SegalMA15+
Black Hawk Down12/10/2005Sony PicturesJosh Hartnett & Ewan McGregor MA15+
Blade1/12/2005Village RoadshowWesley SnipesMA15+
Blade 21/12/2005Village RoadshowWesley SnipesMA15+
Blade Trinity1/12/2005Village RoadshowWesley SnipesMA15+
Blink 182 Greatest Hits6/3/2006Universal MusicN/AM
Bob Marley: The Legend Live14/11/2005Sony BMGN/AM
Bourne Supremacy6/9/2005UniversalMatt DamonM
Chain Reaction11/1/2006FoxMorgan FreemanM
Charlie's Angels1/9/2005Sony PicturesCameron Diaz, Lucy Liu & Drew BarrymoreM
Charlie & Chocolate Factory19/1/2006RoadshowJohnny DeppPG
Cheaper by the Dozen11/1/2006FoxSteve MartinPG
Christmas with the Kranks23/11/2005Sony PicturesTim AllenPG
Chronicles of Narnia: Lion Witch and Wardrobe26/4/2006Buena VistaTilda SwintonPG
Coldplay Live 20036/3/2006Universal MusicN/AM
Constantine5/1/2006RoadshowKeanu ReevesM
Coyboy Be-Bop23/11/2005Sony PicturesSteven Jay BlumM
Daredevil11/1/2006FoxBen AffleckM
Dark Crystal17/5/2006Sony PicturesJim HensonG
Desperado20/6/2006Sony PicturesAntonio BanderisR18+
Deuce Bigalow European Gigalo25/1/2006Sony PicturesRob SchneiderMA15+
Dodgeball5/10/2005FoxVince Vaughn & Ben StillerM
Doom22/3/2006UniversalThe RockMA15+
Dukes of Hazard9/1/2006RoadshowSeann William ScottM
Elektra1/2/2006FoxJennifer GarnerM
Eminem Anger Management Tour6/3/2006Universal MusicN/AMA15+
Family Guy Stewie Griffin The Untold Story12/4/2006FoxSeth MacFarlaneM
Fantastic Four14/12/2005FoxJessica AlbaPG
Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children17/5/2006Sony PicturesTakahiro SakuraiPG
Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within17/5/2006Sony PicturesMing-NaM
Flight Plan15/3/2006FoxJodie FosterM
Foo Fighters Everywhere but Home16/1/2006Sony BMGN/AM
Fun with Dick and Jane17/5/2006Sony PicturesJim CarreyM
Garfield29/3/2006FoxBill MurrayG
Ghostbusters1/9/2005Sony PicturesBill Murray/
Dan Ackroyd
Godzilla12/10/2005Sony PicturesMatthew BrodrickM
Gone in 60 Seconds (Dir. Cut)22/1/2006Buena VistaNic CageM
Gothika5/4/2006Sony PicturesHelle BerryMA15+
Green Day: Bullet In a Bible30/11/2005Warner VisionN/AM
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets29/3/2006WarnerDaniel RadcliffePG
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire29/3/2006WarnerDaniel RadcliffeM
Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone29/3/2006WarnerDaniel RadcliffePG
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban29/3/2006WarnerDaniel RadcliffePG
Hackers23/11/2005Sony PicturesAngelina JolieM
Heavy Metal23/11/2005Sony PicturesJohn CandyMA15+
Hellboy1/9/2005Sony PicturesRon PearlmanM
Herbie: Fully Loaded15/3/2006Buena VistaLindsay LohanG
Hitch1/9/2005Sony PicturesWill SmithM
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy22/2/2006Buena VistaMartin FreemanPG
Hollow Man1/9/2005Sony PicturesKevin BaconMA15+
Hostel20/6/2006Sony PicturesJay HernandezR18+
House of Wax19/1/2006RoadshowElisha CuthbertMA15+
I, Robot5/10/2005FoxWill SmithM
Ice Age29/3/2006FoxRay RomanoPG
Independence Day12/4/2006FoxWill SmithM
Into The Blue8/2/2006Sony PicturesJessica AlbaM
INXS: Live Baby Live14/11/2005Sony BMGN/AM
Iron Maiden: Number of the Beast16/1/2006Sony BMGN/AM
Jackass the Movie1/12/2005ParamountJohnny KnoxvilleMA15+
Jack Johnson and Friends: Live at the Greek20/2/2006Universal MusicN/AM
Jarhead24/5/2006UniversalJake GyllenhaalMA15+
Jerry MacGuire17/5/2006Sony PicturesTom CruiseM
Jumanji23/11/2005Sony PicturesRobin WilliamsPG
Kill Bill Vol. 122/2/2006Buena VistaUma ThurmanR
Kill Bill Vol. 222/2/2006Buena VistaUma ThurmanMA15+
Kingdom of Heaven14/12/2005FoxOrlando BloomM
King Kong12/4/2006UniversalNaomi WattsM
Kiss of the Dragon11/1/2006FoxJet LiM
Kung Fu Hustle7/12/2005Sony PicturesStephen ChowM
Labyrinth7/12/2005Sony PicturesJennifer ConnellyPG
Labyrynth17/5/2006Sony PicturesDavid BowieG
Land of the Dead7/12/2005UniversalSimon BakerMA15+
Layer Cake7/12/2005Sony PicturesDaniel CraigMA15+
League of Extraordinary Gentlemen5/10/2005FoxSean ConneryM
Legend: The Best of Bob Marley6/3/2006Universal MusicN/AM
Lord of War20/6/2006Sony PicturesBruce WillisMA15+
Lords of Dogtown7/12/2005Sony PicturesHeath LedgerPG
Marilyn Manson: Guns, God & Government World Tour24/10/2005Sony BMGN/AMA15+
Men In Black20/6/2006Sony PicturesWill SmithM
Metallica: The Black Album16/1/2006Sony BMGN/AMA15+
Metropolis8/3/2006Sony PicturesYuka ImotoPG
Mr & Mrs Smith4/1/2006FoxAngelina JolieM
Offspring Complete Music Video Collection19/12/2005Sony BMGN/AM
Once Upon a Time in Mexico1/9/2005Sony PicturesAntonio BanderasMA15+
Outkast: The Videos19/12/2005Sony BMGN/AM
Phone Booth12/4/2006FoxColin FarrellM
Pink Floyd: Dark Side of the Moon9/12/2005Sony BMGN/AM
Pink Panther Cartoon Collection8/3/2006Sony PicturesTBAPG
Pirates of the Caribbean22/2/2006Buena VistaJohnny DeppM
Predator17/5/2006FoxArnold SchwarzeneggerM
Puddle Of Mudd Striking That Familiar Chord24/10/2005Sony BMGN/AM
Queen: A Night at the Opera10/4/2006TBAQueenPG
Red Hot Chilli Peppers Live at Slane Castle30/11/2005Warner VisionN/AM
Resident Evil: Apocolypse1/9/2005Sony PicturesMilla JovovichM
Ringers: Lord of the Fans23/11/2005Sony PicturesLOTR CastPG
Robocop7/12/2005Sony PicturesPeter WellerR
Robots14/12/2005FoxHalle BerryG
Ronin25/1/2006Sony PicturesRobert DeNiroM
Serenity8/2/2006UniversalNathan FillionM
Sin City22/2/2006Buena VistaBruce WillisMA15+
Skeleton Key14/12/2005UniversalKate HudsonG
Snatch23/11/2005Sony PicturesJason Statham & Brad PittMA15+
Snoop Dogg's Puff Puff Pass Tour24/10/2005Sony BMGN/AMA15+
Species23/11/2005Sony PicturesNatasha HenstridgeMA15+
Speed1/2/2006FoxKeanu ReevesM
Spiderman20/6/2006Sony PicturesToby MaguireM
SpongeBob SquarePants the Movie1/12/2005ParamountTom KennyG
Starship Troopers22/2/2006Buena VistaCasper Van DienMA15+
State of Origin Standouts 1991-20031/12/2005Sony AustraliaN/AG
Stealth25/1/2006Sony PicturesJamie FoxxM
Steamboy1/9/2005Sony PicturesAlfred Molina & Patrick StewartPG
Stuart Little7/12/2005Sony PicturesMichael J. FoxG
Stuart Little 27/12/2005Sony PicturesMichael J. FoxG
Stuart Little 3: Call of the Wild7/12/2005Sony PicturesTBAG
S.W.A.T.1/9/2005Sony PicturesColin Farrel & Sam L. JacksonM
Team America1/12/2005ParamountTrey Parker & Matt StoneMA15+
Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines7/12/2005Sony PicturesArnold SchwarzeneggerM
The Amytiville Horror12/10/2005Sony PicturesRyan ReynoldsMA15+
The Cave5/4/2006Sony PicturesCole HauserM
The Dark Crystal7/12/2005Sony PicturesJim HensonG
The Day After Tomorrow14/12/2005FoxDennis QuaidM
The Endless Summer21/3/2006Warner VisionMichael HynsonG
The Excorcism Of Emily Rose8/3/2006Sony PicturesLaura LinneyM
The Fifth Element23/11/2005Sony PicturesBruce WillisM
The Fog20/6/2006Sony PicturesTom WellingM
The Hulk16/11/2005UniversalEric BanaM
The Longest Yard25/1/2006Sony PicturesAdam SandlerM
The Mask of Zorro12/10/2005Sony PicturesAntonio BanderasM
The Matrix19/1/2006RoadshowKeanu ReevesM
The Mummy21/11/2005UniversalBrendan FraserM
The Mummy Returns27/10/2005UniversalBrendan FraserM
The One1/9/2005Sony PicturesJet LiM
The Producers17/5/2006Sony PicturesNathan LaneTBA
The Punisher1/9/2005Sony PicturesTomas Jane & John TravoltaMA15+
The Replacement Killers20/6/2006Sony PicturesChow Yun-FatMA15+
The Terminator23/11/2005Sony PicturesArnold SchwarzeneggerM
The Transporter17/5/2006FoxJason StathamM
The Warriors1/12/2005ParamountMichael BeckMA15+
There's Something About Mary12/4/2006FoxCameron DiazMA15+
Thir13en Ghosts12/10/2005Sony PicturesTony ShalhoubMA15+
Top Gun1/12/2005ParamountTom CruisePG
Tupac: Live at the House of Blues12/12/2005Sony BMGN/AMA15+
Tupac Shakur: Thug Angel21/3/2005Sony BMGN/AMA15+
U2: Rattle and Hum 1/12/2005ParamountN/AM
Underworld25/1/2006Sony PicturesKate BckinsaleMA15+
Underworld Evolution17/5/2006Sony PicturesKate BeckinsaleMA15+
Up in Smoke Tour24/10/2005Sony BMGN/AMA15+
Van Helsing6/9/2005UniversalHugh JackmanM
Wedding Crashes2/2/2006RoadshowVince VaughnM
Welcome to the Jungle7/12/2005Sony PicturesSean William Scott & The RockM
White Chicks25/1/2006Sony PicturesShawn & Marlon WayansM
XXX1/9/2005Sony PicturesVin DieselM
XXX: The Next Level1/9/2005Sony PicturesIce CubeM
You Got Served1/9/2005Sony PicturesOmari GrandberryPG
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