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August 29, 2005
World Tour Soccer Challenge Edition - Preview
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About to kick the ball back in.
With EA's FIFA 06 not available on PSP for almost two months and Konami's Pro Evolution Soccer 5 not due until November, soccer fans are only left with one choice when it comes to soccer on the Playstation Portable. World Tour Soccer: Challenge Edition is a game which has been shrouded in much secrecy prior to this launch. It never appeared at the recent PSP Media Launch which could mean two things. One, Sony weren't willing to show off the game due to quality issues or two, and this is more likley, the game still wasn't complete and code wasn't available for the event.

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Players look a little angular.
World Tour Soccer: Challenge Edition offers you the chance to prove you’ve got the skills to match the world’s best. Choose from over 200 club and international teams each with fully licensed player names and likenesses, and attempt to take them to cup glory. The better you get, the more chance you have of unlocking new club sides, special teams, extra stadium and cup competitions by achieving success in various game modes.

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In-game graphics are nice enough.
This game allows you to take your skills to the wider world. By using the Ad Hoc wireless (Wifi) mode you will be able to challenge other PSP owners in the nearby area to a game; bragging rights in the train carriage are up for grabs! If you're not in the vicinity of other PSP gamers the developers are including a challenge mode which allows you to put your skills to the test. The better your skills the more points you can score. Points are awarded for fabulous footwork, sharp shooting, pinpoint passing and dogged defending. Set your score against the ‘AI team’ then let your friends have a go to see if they have what it takes to beat your score and reach the top of the league.

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It's past the goalie.
Unfortunately we haven't seen anything of World Tour Soccer: Challenge Edition in action - no videos, no hands on gameplay or anything so we can't honestly give an opinion either way. If its anything like Sony's PS2 soccer titles then it should be a capable title, if lacking some of the finesse and polish of Konami's and EA's titles. Still we'll reserve our final judgement on this game until we get our mitts on the title.

Expect a release with teh system on September 1st.