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June 21 2006
World Tour Soccer 2 - PSP Preview
Release Date Distributer Publisher Developer Anticipation Players Price
29/6/2006SonySonyTeam Soho1-4$79.95

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A spectacular stadium.
It's hard not to be caught up in the World Cup fever at the moment. Indeed with Australia playing so superbly, and a massive game coming up at 5am AEST this Friday against Croatia, there's a good chance we could do quite well in this years biggest sporting event. While Sony don't have the license to create the official game of the World Cup, that goes to some other little game company known as Electronic Arts, the company is releasing the sequel the their very entertaining World Tour Soccer Challenge. This sequel looks like improving the game considerbly, so we have high hopes for a great soccer title.

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Graphics look quite improved.
This ‘beautiful’ game offers two core progression structures: World Tour and Medal Mode, with the aim being to win challenges on each of major footballing continents against increasingly stronger teams, in doing so unlocking new teams, game modes and and All Star teams.

World Tour Soccer 2 features 11 game modes which all encourage you to play football in different styles; the classic challenge which featured in the first version gives you points for perfect passes and scorching shoots, the all rounder where bringing in teammates to the game is key; time attack where you gain points against the clock; checkpoint where you are tested on your distribution skills; and finally shot clock where your eye for goal is tested in a race against time.

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It's celebration time...
Other key features include further game modes available for download after purchase, Wi-Fi (four players) and Infrastructure (two player) support, eight new stadiums and 71 International teams.

Graphically the title looks to have moved up a couple of notches since it's original outing on the PSP. The stadiums in particular look splendid, while the players look slightly more detailed.

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View from behind the goal.
All-in-all this could be a very entertaining, if somewhat arcade styled, soccer game on the PSP. The focus on completing set goals and skills challenges should be entertaining and a different approach to the usual unlocking structure in sports titles. The original title is one we still play to this day due to its pick up and play attitude, and we expect no different from this sequel.

World Tour Soccer 2 is being released in Australia on June 29th - around half way through the World Cup.