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July 12, 2005
Wipeout Pure - Preview
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Using the shield.
We love Wipeout. Even Wipeout Fusion on Playstation 2 is a game that we loved and still play on occasion to this very day although many people were disappointed by this title. Still the PS2 version didn't have the same jaw dropping appeal as the original PSOne title released way back in 1995, or it's stunning sequel Wipeout 2097 (known as Wipeout XL in America and Japan). Now, with the PSP almost upon us the series is about to be resurrected, and according to all reports this game is going to be one awesome title which brings back the excitement of the original PSOne titles.

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Some of the effects look really special.
Wipeout Pure continues the hovercraft racing action of previous titles in the series although the developers have stripped out many of the titles inclusions and taken it back to a more 'pure' form of the racing. One of these modifications is the removal of the pit lane with energy absorbed from unwanted pickups. It's not all racing, however as gamers will also be given a wide selection of weapons to use. With five differnet speed classes races will take place across 16 tracks. In terms of game modes racing fans will be able to enjoy challenging, action-packed gameplay modes that include Single Race, Tournament, Time Trial, Free Play and Zone Mode (single-player only). Players who win a gold, silver or bronze trophy will earn fresh racing colors, new ships and four classic tracks from past installments in the Wipeout series.

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Spectacular explosions ahead!
The development team at SCEE Studio Liverpool are including support for up to 8 players throguh the Wi-Fi capabilities of the PSP. The developers are also promising downloadable content - which should be available from hotspots in some cities or through the internet - that can be saved to a Memory Stick Duo, such as new tracks, ships, skins and music, all of which will expand the racing experience and allow for personalization of the game.

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Trackside detail is impressive.
Wipeout Pure is a visually stunning title. Sure these screenshots look nice - damn pretty in fact. It's when you see this game running at full speed that you really appreciate the power of the PSP and how the developers have crafted a game that would impress on any other current generation system.

Audio has always played a major role in the series and this game is no exception with tracks from Tiesto, Orbital's Paul Hartnoll, Photek, and Aphex Twin among others. Wipeout Pure looks like a stunning return to form for the series so keep an eye out for it on launch day.