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June 18 2006
Ultimate Ghosts 'n Goblins - PSP Preview
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Graphics look quite sharp.
If you're an old school gamers such as myself then you will have almost certainly, at the very least, heard about Capcom's Ghouls and Ghosts and Ghosts and Goblins titles. They were among the most hardcore side scrolling platform titles of all time, and now the series is being reborn on the Playstation Portable.

Arthurís heroic battle with the underworld was finally over and the entrance to the realm was sealed. So he thought. Time passes and unknowing to mankind, the dark lord has awaken from his slumber and kidnaps the princess in an effort to conquer the human world. Arthur must set off for the evil forest, the gateway to the underworld, to save the princess from imminent doom and keep the devil as well as his minions at bay.

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Watch out for the lava!
Retaining the classic design of the series, several new facets have been created including a broader range of motion and control techniques. Now our hero has the capability to dash, double-jump, shoot up or down, grab onto ledges and more. A new levelling system allows gamers to build up Arthurís skills for more powerful magic abilities and attacks. With the addition of extra lives, death doesnít mean starting from a check point but rematerializing where they left off. Also new to the series is the inclusion of three difficulty modes that will suit every experience level: Novice, Standard and Ultimate. With the introduction of these all-new settings, a wide range of players can now fully enjoy Arthurís daring and unique world.

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This looks glorious moving...
No longer just a linear experience, Ultimate Ghosts Ďn Goblins has plenty of branching sub-missions that will encourage players to explore their surroundings for a more open-ended experience. Gamers can save their progress along the way and revisit cleared stages at anytime to expose unexplored paths, concealed items or weapons to help conquer the challenges that lie ahead.

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One bad-ass enemy ahead?
With the use of a 3D graphics engine, the Ultimate Ghosts Ďn Goblins world comes alive as effects, cut scenes, backgrounds and animations are given more depth and richer detail. Animation already looks silky smooth and the character design faithful to the original games.

Hardcore and old school gamers will almost certainly love this game. It's a welcome return for one of the most loved platform titles of the 16-bit era but fortunately gamers will now have a range of difficulty levels to select from rather then the rock hard difficulty of the original games. Expect a European and Australian release this September.