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June 20 2006
Super Monkey Ball Adventure - PSP Preview
Release Date Distributer Publisher Developer Anticipation Players Price
August 2006THQSegaTraveller's Tales1-4$79.95

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Just monkeying around...
Puzzle games have seen a resurgence in recent times with some brilliant titles on multiple platforms. One such title is Super Monkey Ball Deluxe which hit the Playstation 2 last year and combined the best of the first two games on the Gamecube. Now, the Super Monkey Ball series is rolling out a whole new adventure with all-new party games, 50 new puzzle levels, and an intriguing in-depth Story Mode - all on the PS2. If you're a fan of the series, and there are millions of you, then this is a sequel worth checking out. It's not just a series of new levels, but focuses more on the single player story, as well as party modes.

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More colourful graphics.
Super Monkey Ball Adventure's Story mode is as follows... A young prince and princess from opposing kingdoms traveled to Jungle Island and quite accidentally fell head over heels in love. But their kingdoms are unhappy places completely lacking in joy, and thus, their marriage is forbidden. It is up to you to travel between five incredible islands as AiAi, MeeMee, Baby, or GonGon spreading cheer and increasing the kingdom's happiness, so that this love struck couple can be together.

An all-new Spell casting ability gives you newfound powers which allows you to morph your monkey ball into a block of wood to float, suction cups to climb walls, go invisible, and much more to help you progress through the game. If you're not into the Story mode then you may want to enter the Challenge mode, or more impressively you can grab some friends for 4-player split screen or turn based Party Mode fun. Multi-player party games include classics such as Monkey Target, Monkey Tag, Monkey Cannon, Monkey Bounce, Monkey Race and Monkey Fight.

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4-player action.
In these modes you may use your newfound spell casting powers to become invisible, climb walls, and much more - and above all, let the adventure begin! With 60 new characters and five kingdoms to explore this is a game that packs plenty of variety.

The PSP comes with some exclusive content to keep gamers happy. Firstly there's an exclusive spell. The Banana Vacuum brings all nearby bananas to the character. A card game allows you to collect unique cards when you play with all four characters while the game also includes a unique task giver - the Sage. Beat him in the card game and win Reveal Cards which unlock future events or Teleport Cards. The PSP version also includes unique quests and director's cut puzzles as well as the ability to use a special screenshot card to take a picture and send it to other players as your own custom card.

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Levels are superbly detailed.
One aspect of this title which should generate some interest, or at the very least some thanks, is the ability to transfer your save game between PS2 and PSP. When you need to leave the house you can still take this game on the road and continue right where you left your PS2 game. How cool.

Perhaps we're being blown away by the next generation, or perhaps these screens don't do this title justice however the game really does look a little plain in places. Still the series has never been about the graphics, and always about the gameplay and in that regard Super Monkey Ball Adventure should be a winner when it hits the shelves this August.