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April 19 2005
Street Supremacy - PSP Preview
Release Date Distributer Publisher Developer Anticipation Players Price
Sept. 2006AtariKonamiGenki1-2$79.95
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Get ready to floor it!
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Actual in-game graphics.

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Racing around Japans streets.
If you know your Japanese racing games then you would most certainly be familiar with developers Genki and their two racing series', Tokyo Xtreme Racer and Kaidou Battle. Konami Europe has announced that they will be releasing a new title for PSP from Genki, namely this game, Street Supremacy. Experience the thrill of street racing as a member of a team out for street supremacy. Face off against rivals as you race through Tokyo's traffic-filled streets. Stay in front of your opponents, dominate the competition and rule the highway! The game is a team-based racer wherein players partake in 'five against five' knockout tournaments in one player mode.

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Cars can be highly modded.
So what do we have in this game. Essentially you will enter a series of team battles in order to increase your area of dominance and recruit other drivers to your team. You will need to defeat drivers with a higher ranking then yourself in order to move up the rankings. Races take place on 15 different courses and the game allows you to fully customize 25 different cars with both visual and performance mods including tweaking the engine, mufflers, aerodynamics, and other parts.

Developers Genki are also promising wireless multiplayer battles for up to 2 racers. Unfortunately from what we've heard from friends based overseas this mode needs some serious re-working and is virtually unplayable in its current state due to lag, collision detection issues and a general lack of polish. We can only hope this will be fixed prior to the games release in Europe and Australia.

Time will tell if Street Supremacy delivers the goods on PSP. Genki have a track record of developing solid, but rarely brilliant, racing games and while we still wait for Gran Turismo 4 Mobile to be released on PSP one day (and it still appears quite a way off mind - especially given its no-show at E3 this year) this game may keep rev-heads happy. Keep your eyes open for a review upon release in September.