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Oct. 16 2005
Star Wars Lethal Alliance - PSP Preview
Release Date Distributer Publisher Developer Anticipation Players Price
7/12/2006UbisoftUbisoftUbisoft Montreal1-2$79.95

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Action looks pretty intense.
So the Star Wars movies have come and gone, twice, and now we're waiting for the TV series which at last count is still a couple of years away. Fortunately games are going to keep coming, with Ubisoft set to make handheld gamers very happy this Christmas with the release of Star Wars Lethal Alliance which is in development at their Montreal studio, but also in close collaboration with LucasArts to ensure authenticity and accuracy to the Star Wars universe. Built exclusively for handhelds (there is a Nintendo DS version also in the works) Star Wars Lethal Alliance is set in the years between Episodes III Revenge of the Sith and IV A New Hope, and promises to fill in some of the story gaps between the movies.

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Shootout in the hanger.
This game actually takes place several months before the events of Episode IV. Princess Leia proposes a dangerous quest to secure the future of the Rebel Alliance. As the deadly duo Twi’lek Rianna Saren and her security droid, Zeeo, you must infiltrate Imperial-controlled planets, fight legions of evil fiends, and return with the plans for the most destructive weapon in the galaxy, the Death Star.

Star Wars Lethal Alliance is basically an action title. Combine the elite weaponry and acrobatic skills of Rianna with the multifunctional defensive and slicing support of Zeeo to create a formidable team. Only by working together can you complete perilous missions and ultimately steal the plans for the Death Star.

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Graphics really are special.
One of the key elements to this game is that Rianna is a mercenary and not a Jedi which means she doesn't have a lightsaber, nor force powers - so don't expect them in the game. That's not saying this game is going to be dull - far from it. From the chaotic planet of Coruscant to the dusty, dangerous alleys of Mos Eisley, Rianna and Zeeo must use an arsenal of tricks to complete their mission. Set up holographic disguises to fool Imperial guards, commandeer gun turrets, master death-defying flying escapes and battle carnivorous beasts.

Locations in the game are varied and range from the Death Star to Tatooine, and never-before-seen locations on Despayre, Danuta and Alderaan. In terms of included characters you can expect to meet, or encounter, Boba Fett, Kyle Katarn, Princess Leia Organa, Darth Vader, Imperial officers, Rodians, Quarren and stormtroopers.

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Take out the stormtroopers!
The PSP version will also include some multi-player action with Twi'lek versus Twi'lek battles. Details of the multi-player modes are remaining under wraps at this stage.

Technically this game is very polished. At least, thats the impression we're getting from the screenshots released to date - and that's about all we've seen. As yet Ubisoft haven't shown off any video footage of this title, nor provided hands on demonstrations.

Star Wars Lethal Alliance is coming out on the PSP in early December all going well and it's a game which Star Wars fans will be certain to keep an eye on. I know I will.