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July 19 2008
Super Stardust Portable - PSP Preview
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These triangle enemies are buggers!
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Super Stardust Portable screenshot...

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Now that's a great explosion.
If you own a Playstation 3, and have the system online then you must pick up the game Super Stardust HD. This is an asteroids clone so pumped up with steroids and caffeine that it has become a marquee game for the system. Running at 1080p it is a true example of the power of the system. Thrown in some great add-on packs, and the first game to support Trophies and it has become one of the most loved games on the system. What a surprise then to see Sony announce a PSP version at the E3 show in July 2008. Admittedly details are scarce, but enjoy what we have - and the screenshots.

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Not much left to destroy here.
Super Stardust Portable is essentially a top-down shooter. Your craft has three weapons; Ice Breaker, Gold Melter, and Rock Crusher. While each of these start with fairly low power levels pick-ups are available which will increase their strenght. It is also possible to pick up a shield for your craft, and use bombs to clear your immediate area. Finally your craft has a boost function which launches you forward to avoid incoming enemies and destroy anything in your path.

The big problem we see with this port is the control scheme. The PS3 version uses both analogue sticks, one for movement and the second one to fire your weapon and we're not sure how this will map to the PSP.

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Looks like you've exploded!
One main change that we can see with this game compared to the PS3 version is that you can no longer see the entire planet, and the curvature of seems less dramatic. This may be to reduce the load on the CPU, or simply that we haven't seen the other camera views as yet.

Sony haven't specified a release date for Super Stardust Portable as yet, and it will be interesting to see how a game that sells for under $AU30 on the Playstation Store (including the two add-on packs) will be packaged on the PSP. One thing is certain though, if the development team can get the controls ported well then this is certain to be a hit. I guess we'll find out how it shapes up later this year, hopefully.