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August 24 2008
Space Invaders Extreme - PSP Review
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Using the Laser in Space Invaders Extreme.
Thirty years ago this year Taito released an arcade game called Space Invaders. It was a sensation and was even blamed for a shortage of 100 yen coins in Japan. Midway picked up the rights to the game in America where it was equally well received. Over the last 30 years numerous ports of the arcade classic have been released, and there have been many sequels. Space Invaders Extreme brings the game up to date with new visuals, audio and gameplay.

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Backgrounds certainly are impressive.
Developed by original creators Taito Space Invaders Extreme is pretty devoid of game modes with only Arcade and 2-Player Ad-Hoc modes available. The Arcade mode can be continued from if you die, or turn off the PSP while the 2-player mode requires each to have a copy of the game.

Gameplay remains faithful to the original games in that you have a ship at the bottom of the screen which can move right or left, with the aim being to shoot the enemies at the top of the screen while avoiding their fire. Space Invaders Extreme advances the gameplay with the inclusion of bombs, lasers, shields, and broadshots. Should you shoot the UFO's at the top of the screen you could enter Bonus Rounds, or a Roulette which includes plenty of bonus items. Space Invaders Extreme also includes some pretty impressive boss battles which take a while to defeat, and offer a challenge after numerous waves of enemies.

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Starting a new level.
Depending how well you complete each level will determine the next level to be attempted. There are five levels in total which means this isn't the longest game you'll ever play - far from it - but there is plenty of replayability here are you try to beat your highest scores.

Despite being one of the best Space Invaders titles released in recent years there are some disappointments with this game. We have played the Nintendo DS version and were quite surprised to discover that the PSP game doesn't have any form of Game Sharing and it also lacks any form of gameplay, or even leaderboards, through the Internet.

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Taking on one of Space Invaders bosses.
Taito have really done a wonderful job with the visuals in this game. No longer confined to boring black backgrounds the backgrounds are now given a vibrant, animated style which, while initially off putting actually keeps the game lively and fresh. Impressively if you really don't like, or want, those backgrounds you can turn them off so they become a static image. This certainly makes seeing incoming fire and enemies a lot easier, but either way is very impressive. As one would expect there is absolutely no slowdown in the game, and the menus, while basic, are clear to read and navigate.

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Enemy bullets are flying in all directions.
As well as the upgraded visuals the audio in this game has been improved significantly as well. With up tempo beats the audio in this game is certainly lively enough to get you into the groove while the game retains the audio effects from the original game - albeit in slightly better form. It's not a tour de force, but it's probably as good as this series has ever sounded.

As Rez was to Space Harrier and Lumines was to Tetris this game infuses the classic gameplay of Space Invaders with modern visuals and audio bringing this game into the modern era.Space Invaders Extreme is well worth adding to you collection at a bargain price of only $AU49.95 or even less if you shop around. Engrossing, enjoyable, classic.

Review By: Dave Warner

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GRAPHICSA wonderful visual upgrade on the classic games that fits in well.
SOUNDUpbeat music, and Space Invaders type sounds. As good as ever.
GAMEPLAYSpace Invaders updated with new weapons, bosses and power-ups.
VALUESad;y no Infrastructure mode, but this is very addictive.
OVERALLSpace Invaders Extreme is an entertaining game which has been given a fresh update for the PSP. Well worth adding to your collection at a pretty cheap price.

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