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March 30, 2006
Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max - PSP Review
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256KBMedium1, 2-8M

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Yep, that's Guy from Final Fight!
As a child I loved Street Fighter. So much was my love of the game that I had no hesitation in handing over $129 for a copy of Street Fighter II on Super Nintendo while on a holiday to the Gold Coast many years ago. In todayís money that would translate to well over $150, but it was worth every penny. That game, and the sequels, introduced gamers to classic characters including Guile, Ryu, Ken, Dhalsim, Zangeif and of course Chun Li. None of them should need an introduction.

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The massive character select screen.
There isnít really a lot to talk about in terms of a story in this game, but there are plenty of game modes to sink your teeth into. In fact, it would take you considerable time to get through this game as Capcom have presented us with many game modes. As well as traditional arcade mode which pits you against 10 other fighters, there's a training mode where you can practice your techniques, a World Tour which is pretty neat in that it allows you to upgrade your fighter as the game progresses. Then you hit the multi-player modes with Capcom including plenty of Ad Hoc Wi-Fi modes including a one-on-one Vs mode, a team mode for some three-on-three action a variable battle for two human and one CPU controlled fighter and finally a dramatic battle with three fighters on screen at once. I told you Capcom were throwing plenty of game modes into Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max! If there's one thing missing it's online gameplay via an infrastructure mode.

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That's some nice graphics.
Not only that but there are three '-ism' fighting styles, and also two different turbo speeds to get accustomed to. This really is a game that throws every single option at you, and then some.

Thereís little doubt that I guess this game is perfectly suited to being on the road. The first thing that really strikes you is that Capcom have reduce the loading to only a few moments which is great to see on a PSP game with many developers either not caring, or really struggling to get data off the UMD with any sense of speed. This is fortunate as most fights last only a matter of minutes Ė if that.

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Yun Vs Cody...
If there is one problem with this game, it isnít due to Capcom. Rather the biggest flaw is the PSPís D-Pad which can make the execution of moves awkward at times, and youíll often be wondering why your characters donít pull off moves as easily as expected. You can use the analogue stick however most gamers would prefer the D-Pad option due to familiarity with other controls.

Graphically the series has made a wonderful transition to the PSP. Although the menu is rather bland, actually let's just call it 'butt ugly', when you hit the actual fights you canít help but be impressed. The backgrounds have all be lovingly created and the animation on the fighters is superb. Yet again Capcom have demonstrated that their 2D visuals can be every bit as jaw dropping as the most modern of games. The game, we think, has been stretched to fill the PSP's screen, but it doesn't seem overly noticeable at all and the game retains a smooth framerate throughout.

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It's a 2-on-1 fight.
Audio in the game retains the same quality of the arcade games. That is, itís rather limited in its range with basic effects for collisions and speech and while the music is varied from stage to stage thereís little here to get excited about in terms of quality, or Ďcatchinessí.

When it comes down to it Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max is the culmination of over a decade of the greatest fighting series ever. The translation to PSP is simply superb and despite the D-Pad issues fighting fans will simply love this game while on the road.

Review By: Dave Warner

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GRAPHICSGorgeous graphics which shows the series at its best, great in 16:9.
SOUNDThe series has never pushed this area, and this game is no different.
GAMEPLAYSmall load times are nice, the D-Pad hinders gameplay to an extent.
VALUE37 fighters to master, plenty of game modes and multi-player.
OVERALLStreet Fighter Alpha 3 Max would have been a near perfect fighting game were it not for the PSP's D-Pad. Having said that this is probably as good as we'll get. Brilliant stuff.

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