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July 12, 2005
Ridge Racer - Preview
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This tunnel will be familiar to fans.
It's the series that launched the PSOne in grand style. It then made an impact as one of the biggest launch titles on Playstation 2. They say that three's a charm and Namco have finished development on Ridge Racer for the PSP launch on September 1st. This title promises to combine the best of the previous titles as well as making use of the PSP's Wi-Fi modes for some intense multi-player action. You want the details, well read on then...

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Tearing around the corner with nitros.
In terms of gameplay the biggest change is that Namco have put much more emphasis on the ability to drift around the corners. The game also includes a very cool nitro system (see picture to left) giving is a much more extreme feel and sense of speed. While racing you won't have unlimited nitros, rather you will have to fill agauge before it becomes available. The developers have also ensured that using the nitro won't put you half a lap ahead either, but may be enough to nudge your car over the line in first place. Ridge Racer offers 54 cars to race across 24 courses, including 4 original tracks and classic courses from previous titles in the series.

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Losing Control...
An all new World Tour Mode is certain to keep gamers hooked as they compete in 7 difficult tours. By completing these, however, it will be possible to unlock cars, tracks and other bonuses. As with most PSP titles the multi-player WiFi mode promises plenty of action as you compete in races for up to 8-players. Unlike Electronic Arts' Burnout Legends each gamer will require a copy of the game in their PSP.

Graphics look pretty special in the game and with Namco promising a rock steady 60fps we can expect the game to look sensational all the time.

If you're a Ridge Racer fan it seems almost a no brainer that you'll pick up this title this September. Fortunately this looks like the best game in the series for quite some time.