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July 29 2008
Resistance: Retribution - PSP Preview
Release Date Distributer Publisher Developer Anticipation Players Price
Q'2 2009SonySonySony Bend1-8$TBA
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Using the sniper rifle in Resistance.
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Resistance Retribution on PSP is hot!

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Getting your shield up.
Of all the announcements that Sony made at the 2008 E3 show this was quite possibly their most exciting. Resistance: Fall of Man was a launch title on the PS3, and it set benchmarks for graphics and online gameplay. No one ever expected Sony, or anyone, to attempt a version on the PSP, but they are, and it looks awesome.

This game is being developed by Sony Bend, the SCEA owned developer who are most well known for seven Syphon Filter games, including those that have appeared, and impressed, on PSP. While the Syphon Filter games may not be full-on FPS titles, they are impressive and it bodes well for a solid Resistance title from the company. Sony Bend have also been working with Insomniac Games to ensure this PSP title fits into the same universe as the PS3 games.

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Effects already look pretty nice.
Set in the weeks after Resistance: Fall of Man, Resistance: Retribution follows the story of former British Marine, James Grayson. After a personal tragedy he is forced to kill his own brother inside a Chimeran conversion center Grayson goes on a vendetta to destroy every conversion center he can find. Eventually Grayson learns that his efforts have been futile... in Western Europe the Chimera have evolved a new method of converting humans. The European resistance the Maquis enlist Grayson's help, and he joins Cartwright and Parker in Operation Overstrike. The war to retake the European continent has begun.

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Looking down on one big-assed enemy...
Resistance; Retribution is a third person action-adventure game that bridges the gap between the first two PS3 games in the series. The game will use a targeting system designed to make use of the PSP's controls, and the auto-targeting from the PS3 original will also be in place. Sony Bend are including 10 different types of enemies, including Chimera from Resistance 2 and Resistance: Fall of Man including the Titan, Slipskull, Hybrids and Leapers and all new enemies like the Hag and Cloven.

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Not much left to destroy here.
One of the reasons why the first game was so successful on the PS3 was due to the online gameplay. This PSP game won't be missing out either with 8-players supported via Ad-hoc and Infrastructure modes present. Resistance: Retribution will include five multi-player game modes, four of which will include Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Containment and Assimilation (we are guessing the fifth will be a straight Deathmatch).

We have to say that Resistance: Retribution looks like a stunner. With almost a year to wait until release this game can't come soon enough for Sony, but at least the developers have got plenty of time to polish this game. While there has been no mention of connectivity with the PS3 games we can be hopeful. Expect a release in Q'2 2009.