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October 12, 2006
PowerStone Collection - PSP Preview
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Multi-level action.
Having started this site back in the days of the Dreamcast we are more then familiar with Power Stone. It was a game that promised so much, delivered plenty, but then failed to sell in the numbers it deserved. Looking back though I guess you could also say that the Dreamcast didn't sell as many units as it deserved. It was a neglected system, and PowerStone was one of the many great neglected games. How exciting it was learning then that Capcom still had faith in the series by announcing in February that Power Stone Collection would be coming to PSP late this year.

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The original Power Stone.
Power Stone Collection is a compilation of Power Stone and Power Stone 2. The big difference with this game and other 3D brawlers is that the environments are fully interactive. Not only can you use punches and kicks to defeat your opponents, but by collecting gems littered around the levels players can transform into more powerful fighters and perform super moves. As well as the super moves, weapons can be used throughout the game with Capcom promising several other additions for this PSP version.

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Presentation is stellar.
Powerstone's arcade mode allows a single character to battle a series of CPU controlled characters. With unlimited continues even novice gamers will be able to see this entire game and unlock the numerous bonus features in the “Power Stone Collection” including weapons, characters, galleries, additional modes and more. In Versus mode, two players pick their character of choice and battle it out. As an added bonus, the four additional characters from Power Stone 2 have been made available for Power Stone, bringing the total to 15 playable characters.

The sequel, Power Stone 2 increases the mayhem for up to 4-players to battle it out at once. The levels are now multi-tiered while several new weapons have made the grade. Gamers can also enter customizable challenges such as one-on-three, two vs. two or tag team battles while an adventure mode allows fighters to collect items and gold to buy and create objects in an item shop.

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Where is tehe 4th fighter?
There are two unique modes which will be included in this title. The first is a training mode where beginners and experts alike can hone their skills even further. A screenshot mode allows gamers to pause the game during a battle, move the camera and take a snapshot of the action for later gloating to friends, or foes!

Multi-player is catered for with the PSP's Wi-Fi Ad Hoc mode, with up to 4-players able to battle it out. Capcom are also enabling game sharing so that up to 4-player can battle with a single copy of the game.

Graphics in the game really do look impressive. Capcom are utilizing the PSP's widescreen perfectly, but will also give you the choice of wide, mid and close range views. From early previews the game seems to be running at a pretty solid frame rate.

With a release currently target at late October in Australia Power Stone Collection is one game which fighting fans should keep a close eye on.