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August 27, 2005
Need for Speed: Underground Rivals - Preview
Release Date Publisher Developer Anticipation Players Price
1/9/2005EA GamesEA Canada1-4$79.95

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Sliding around the corners!
My goodness how the PSP launch has gone from a distant event to one only a matter of days away. Fortunately for Australian gamers Electronic Arts confirmed only a couple of days ago that Need for Speed: Underground Rivals was going to be a launch title on the system. We soon realised that even though we had played the game at the recent PSP Media Launch we never did up a preview. Our bad. Well, here it is. A game which looks nice, plays nice and, well, is certain to be yet another title for rev heads to consider for the PSP launch (we now have six racing games set for the systems launch here).

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Cars slide around the bends.
Hit the neon streets of Need for Speed Underground Rivals in pursuit of total ownership of the tuner racing scene. In this first-ever Need for Speed title for the PSP. The game allows you to customize and build the ultimate tuner on four rims then take it into the underground world of street racing. With tons of tuning options, a variety of game modes, and the circuit’s most sought-after cars, Need for Speed Underground Rivals delivers an unrivalled tuner experience.

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Cars can all be customized.
Need for Speed Underground Rivals allows gamers to customize up to twenty high-performance Japanese and America tuner cars then hit the streets to see who rules the underground. The game includes ten circuit tracks to race on with eight exclusive game modes including Drift Attack, Nitrous Run, Rally Relay, and Car Spec.

Now as mentioned we have played this game at the recent PSP Media Launch and we have to say that while the game wasn't quite as smooth as we had hoped and the analogue sliding stick was quite a handful to get used to in this game, the game was certainly Need for Speed with some superb looking tracks and plenty of excitement and sliding out as you floored the cars around the corners.

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Already eating dust!
Multi-player will be supported with 2-player through Wifi mode, or if you only have only have one PSP system a Party Play mode will allow you to pass the system between 4-players to see who is the best among your friends, or rivals.

One of the unique features of Electronic Arts' games on Playstation Portable are the EA Pocket Trax which allows you to listen to the music or watch videos on the go through the system. This game includes 33 music tracks in total. All-in-all Need for Speed: Underground Rivals looks like a fantastic addition to the Need for Speed family when it hits the shelves on September 1st.