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August 28, 2005
NFL Street 2: Unleashed - Preview
Release Date Publisher Developer Anticipation Players Price
1/9/2005Electronic ArtsEA Canada1-4$79.95

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Ready to start the play.
If you like sports game but have never played on of EA's extreme Street based titles then you are missing out on some of the most exciting action ever put on a video game. Indeed in my review of NFL Street 2 on Playstation 2 I ended up awarding the title an impressive 86%. Now we have the Playstation Portable about to receive the game and it looks every bit as impressive as its bigger cousin. In fact we can expect several bonuses for this version. NFL and extreme sports fans get ready.

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Missed the tackle.
Defy gravity and stretch the world of arcade football to the skies with NFL Street 2: Unleashed. NFL players are free from their real-world constraints to dominate the streets one stylin' move and one field at a time. Raise your game to the limits with up-the-wall passes, off-the-wall catches, and highlight-reel wall jukes that are sure to solidify your place as football's greatest urban legend. This game comes with all new exclusive Street Events, head-to-head wireless gameplay, NFL superstars and legends playing both sides of the ball, and new PSP handheld entertainment system-specific content.

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C'mon Wesley - chase him down.
As many of you would know this is an extreme sports event. It's possible to defy gravity with off-the-wall catches, wall hurdles, and wall end-zone dives, or create open throwing lanes with up-the-wall passes. Make stylin' no-look one-handed grabs, or celebrate a winning score with one hand as you're pulling down a tough catch with the other.

This PSP version has plenty of exclusive content including Street Events such as Slalom, Style Standoff, and Style Point Challenge.

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Selecting the play.
Multi-player action is well supported in NFL Street 2: Unleashed with support for up to four players using a single PSP system unit to compete in game modes including 2 Minute Challenge, Jump Ball Challenge, and more. Wi-Fi is also supported with exhibition modes and street events to compete in.

NFL Street 2: Unleashed is a wonderful addition to the PSP's launch library. If you have even the smallest interest in NFL then this is a game that should be checked out on September 1st.