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June 11 2009
Motorstorm: Arctic Edge - PSP Preview
Release Date Distributer Publisher Developer Anticipation Players Price
Sept. 2009SonySonyBigBig Studios1-8$TBA
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Motorstorm Arctic Edge on PSP.
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Wolfpack Mountain track in Motorstorm.

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Vehicles really do look great.
Despite the fact that worldwide PSP sales have not topped 50 million units it's hard to call the system a success. Big releases struggle to sell more then a million units and there is no more evidence of this then with sales of only 200,000-odd units for Resistance Retribution, or Patapon 2 only shifting 60,000 units in Japan after 10 weeks on shelves. So what's going wrong? Well who knows, but Sony are throwing everything including the kitchen sink (well, the revises PSP Go at least!) at the platform.

2009 is going to see a swag of heavy hitters released on the PSP including instalments in franchises such as Soul Calibur, Rock Band, Final Fantasy, Tekken, Assassin's Creed, AFL, NRL Rugby League, Star Wars (two games) and Gran Turismo all confirmed. Another big title is this game, Motorstorm: Arctic Edge.

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Snowmobiles are in Motorstorm: Arctic Edge.
Developed by BigBig Studios this game looks set to bring all the thrills and spills of the two PS3 titles to Sony's handheld platform. As you can see from the screenshots this is game takes place in quite a different location to Monument Valley in Motorstorm, or the Pacific islands in Motorstorm: Pacific Rift. This time we are racing in the Arctic which brings a whole new set of challenges.

One of the unique gameplay elements to this game is the ability to trigger an avalanche in many of the stages by hitting the vehicles horn at certain points on the track. It is also possible to cool down your boost quickly by driving through thick snow, in much the same way that water cooled the turbo in Motorstorm: Pacific Rift.

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Arctic Edge's icy tracks look great.
Twelve tracks will be included in the game with those confirmed so far including Widow Maker, Log Jam, Cold Rush, and Vertigo. While Monster Trucks won't be included in this game the vehicle list is boosted with snowmobiles and snowplows. What we haven't really seen as yet is the level of destruction on the vehicles when they collide.

Multi-player will also be supported with up to 8-players able to compete in online races. This is certainly a positive to the PSP title with the PS2 version only supporting 2-player split screen racing.

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Hitting the turbos.
Visually Motorstorm: Arctic Edge looks very impressive indeed. While reduced down in scale to suit the platform this is still a very impressive looking title with plenty of icy locations, and gorgeous vehicles. If the game can hold a solid frame rate then this should be a key PSP title.

As a key title for the resurgence of the PSP this year Motorstorm: Arctic Edge looks impressive. Developers BigBig Studios have a bit of a history with the PSP with the two impressive Pursuit Force title. This is a step up for the company though, but we expect that with Sony wanting this game to be every bit as impressive as the PS3 releases there will plenty of polish on the final product.