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Oct. 16 2005
Mind Quiz - PSP Preview
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Action looks pretty intense.
It was fairly inevitable that the massive success of the Brain Training games on the Nintendo DS would see clones appear on other systems - and the PSP is no exception. Mind Quiz is a blatent rip off of Nintendo's title, but who ever said that that would be a bad thing? Imitation is the greatest form of flattery remember?

Supervised by Dr. Kawashima, the Japanese authority on Functional Brain Imaging, Mind Quiz helps to train and stimulate the brain.

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Shootout in the hanger.
This game is comprised of 49 exercises from 4 genres including calculation, reflex, judgement, and memory. The idea is quite simple. By playing this game you will be able to rejuvenate your brain! Mind Quiz contains the new “Brain Age Checking Mode” this allows the player to evaluate their brain age by solving questions once a day.

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Graphics really are special.
Set in a school setting, players can enjoy elements such as online gameplay and mock exams to evaluate strength. The game also features a ‘challenge mode’ and a ‘healing gallery’.

Graphics look pretty full on and set to put the PSP to its limits. Oh, you're still awake! Actually this game looks like the least technically challenging title on the system to date - but it doesn't need to be. Mind Quiz is due out in mid-November.