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April 25, 2006
Miami Vice: The Game - PSP Preview
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Graphics look pretty spectacular.
In case you are unaware Miami Vice is coming back. No, we're not going to see Don Johnson and Phillip Michael Thomas back on our TV screens, but rather the show is heading to the silver screen with an entirely new movie starring Colin Farrell as Det. James 'Sonny' Crockett and Jamie Foxx as Det. Ricardo Tubbs with Michael Mann directing. It's almost certain to be one of the biggest movies of 2006 and it comes as little surprise then to see a video game being released at the same time as the movie.

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Detail is pretty impressive.
Set in today's Miami, Miami Vice The Game lets you go deep undercover as narc officers Sonny Crockett and Ricardo Tubbs. Build your rep as a criminal player to infiltrate the seedy underbelly of South Beach, a place where your badge means little. Ultimately the goal is to bring down an almost untouchable South American drug lord. The storyline follows Michael Mann's movie fairly closely and the development team at Rebellion had access to the movie studio to ensure consistency between the two properties.

In a rather neat addition the developers are including some 30 mini-games which work like mini hacking games. By completing each of these you can unlock new items to be used by the heros.

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Press L to emerge.
In single player the game allows you to select between the two characters. Working undercover means that both rogue cops and players become one in the dangerous universe of Miami Vice. You will enter plenty of shootouts but will also be able to bribe shifty informants as you trade in drugs, arms and cash. In terms of vehicles the developers have promised that we will be able to pilot high-speed boats through Miami's treacherous waterways - and we also expect there to be cars, and possibly motorbikes in the game world to jump into - although this has not been confirmed yet.

One issue which may hit the game coming out to Australia is the fact that you can do deals with drug dealers, it's no different to any movie but with the OFLC ass-brained decision making of late who knows what excuse they'll come up with to ban it - let's hope not.

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In the heat of battle.
PSP owners with friends will be pleased to hear that this game includes co-op Wi-Fi play which should provide a bundle of fun. It's not Game Sharing, you'll each need a copy of the game, but it should provide plenty of thrills. Graphically the game is shaping up nicely already although we're still not clear if the developers have cleared the rights to use the voices and/or likenesses of Jamie Foxx or Colin Farrell, and given their lack of names in the recent announcement only three months before release we tend to think not. Still, Miami Vice The Game looks like a solid title which we'll be able to check out around July/August, if it makes it out here.