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April 19 2005
Metal Gear Ac!d 2 - PSP Preview
Release Date Distributer Publisher Developer Anticipation Players Price
26/5/2006AtariKonamiKojima Productions1-2$79.95

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Shoot him from behind.
Everyone likes a bit of Acid, at least that's what Konami will be hoping. The first game was one which divided gamers. Many thought the gameplay was fresh, electric and engrossing. Many others thought the game was a shadow of the 'real' Metal Gear titles starring Solid Snake and the title soon got a poor reputation. What many didn't see is that this isn't a third person action title, but rather a card based title in which you need to use a series of playing cards to determine your moves in the game world. Before we get onto the gameplay though let's look at the story for this sequel.

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Got him!
The story begins on a lonely island off the coast of North America belonging to the arms manufacturing company, Stratelogic (SL) Corp. A hardened veteran undertakes the infiltration of this facility alone. His name: Snake. And this time, an FBI agent is calling the shots. The purpose of the mission - to acquire data on SL Corp.'s secret projects. The island facility seemed like such an easy target that the mission looked to be over almost as soon as it had started. But seconds before a successful completion, deafening alarms sounded across the island.

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The Desert Eagle - classic weapon.
Now Snake faces infiltrating military troops, SL Corp.’s independent Security Unit, and the newly activated Metal Gear. An apparently simple mission may have just become this reptile’s most grueling challenge yet…

Metal Gear Ac!d 2 sees the return of the card based strategic gameplay from the original title, but adds plenty more new options. For starters the number of cards available has been double from 250 to over 500 in this sequel giving gamers even more weapons, options and actions.

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Keep on running.
As with most PSP games these day the developers have included support for wireless LAN. In Metal Gear Ac!d 2 gamers can battle in one-on-one contests with your own uniquely edited decks of cards, or challenge the CPU to a battle.

As you can see from the surrounding graphics this game looks impressive. The cel shading is a lot more colourful then the previous game but that's not the best of it. Konami are providing each copy of the game with 3D glasses so you can view movies and play the game in 3D. Now that's a neat twist and one which should make checking out this game worthwhile in its own right. Expect Metal Gear Ac!d 2 to hit Australian shelves in late May.