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August 8, 2005
Archer Maclean's Mercury - Preview
Release Date Publisher Developer Anticipation Players Price
1/9/2005IgnitionAwesome Studios1-2$79.95

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The mercury looks stunning when moving.
It's the original games that are going to make or break the PSP in our opinion. I mean with tens of millions of PS2's in homes people aren't going to be attracted to a system what only offers ports of those titles. Fortunately Sony, and many developers, realise this and even at launch almost a third of the titles are platforms specific. Mercury is one of those titles from legendary coder Archer Maclean and his development team at Awesome Studios.

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Careful crossing the bridge!
The aim of this game really is quite simple - although mastering it may take some time. Without spilling too much you guide your various coloured mercury blobs around each maze simply by "tilting" the level. Of course the levels are littered with over thirty different obsticles making your progress more difficult. Not only will you be competing agains these incresingly difficult obsticles, but will also have time limits, percentage limits and even boss encounters to overcome.

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You have to love the reflections.
In all the game will include 72 levels, spread across 6 different worlds. Each world contains three race levels, three percentage preserved levels, three task levels and two combo levels and a boss level. The developers are also including a 2-player Wi-Fi mode to keep you occupied.

It's when you see games like Mercury running that you realise why you love games so much. The graphics, sound and most importantly gameplay promise so much and there is little doubt this launch title will sell far fewer copies then it ever deserves.