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August 22, 2005
MediEvil Resurrection - Preview
Release Date Publisher Developer Anticipation Players Price
1/9/2005SonySCEE Cambridge1-2$79.95

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Look folks, Dan's back!
One of the most surprising things about the Playstation 2 era is that Sony Europe never made a sequel to their hit Medievil games from the PSOne days.

This game is set 100 years after the previous title and the games hero, Sir Daniel Fortesque, was living a peaceful life in the magical land of Gallowmere having destroyed Zarok in MediEvil 2. As with all evil he has amassed a new army to create havoc and its up to Dan to once again save the lands.

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The level selection screen.
In terms of gameplay Medievil Resurrection plays in your typical platform/hack and slash title with Dan able to dispatch enemies with a wide range of moves.

The developers have even thrown in several multi-player mini-games to keep your PSP's Wi-Fi ports churning but this multi-player mayhem doesn't expand into any form of mulit-player action in the main game sadly.

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Nice sword Dan.
Graphically the game looks nice enough, although the developers don't look to be pushing the system as hard as we'd like but the screens here are rather early so perhaps they'll improve prior to release. The developers have also recalled the original voice from the PSOne games to provide dialogue for this title.

It's been quite a few years since the last Medievil title on PSOne and Dan's return is most welcome. The only problem for Sony is getting gamers back for more action - perhaps they have moved on. I'm still keen on seeing this game however. Expect a release on September 1st.