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July 19 2008
LocoRoco 2 - PSP Preview
Release Date Distributer Publisher Developer Anticipation Players Price
2008SonySonySony Japan1$TBA
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The singing LocoRoco's!
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LocoRoco 2 is heading under water.

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The Moja aliens are taking over the land.
Two years ago Sony released a little game called LocoRoco. It was one of the most colourful, upbeat and enjoyable games in years. Using the L and R buttons the task was simple, tilt the world and make your little yellow "Loco Roco" blob roll around the world collecing more "Loco Rocos". Sounds simple, but later levels were pretty damn hard in fact. Now, two years later, Sony Japan is putting the finishing touches on the highly anticipated sequel.

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Watch out for the bee!
To be honest we don't know nearly as much as we would like about this sequel. What we do know is that the Moja aliens have returned and they are sucking the life out of the land. The LocoRoco's have to restore life to the land by singing. The LocoRoco's will have some new abilities that will be learnt through the game. These include being able to grab onto things with your teeth and pull them around, and also swim under water.

At the moment Sony's web site is only listing this game as a single player experience. While we would be very surprised if that changes we would given our right arm to see some form of multi-player modes in this game. Perhaps timed challenges to create the biggest Loco ROco, or perhaps the quicked to complete levels.

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Another colourful LocoRoco 2 screen.
Graphically this game looks every bit as original and impressive as the original game. Colours are bright and bold and the characters have plenty of personality despite thier rather, ermm, round look. We can also expect the game to be filled with delightful, upbeat music similar to that in the original.

With a release expected in late 2008 it won't be long until we can enjoy more thrills and spills with LocoRoco 2. Those of you that never checked out the original would do well to find a copy somewhere while you wait for this sequel.