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April 27 2006
LocoRoco - PSP Preview
Release Date Publisher Developer Anticipation Players Price
June 2006SonySony1$79.95

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Squeezing through the gap.
There was plenty of doubt about LocoRoco coming to Europe and Australia. It is, after all, one of the most simplistic looking games of all time. As they say though simple things are often the best and the reputation which this game has earned overseas means that it's release here in a couple of months is all the more exciting. Bright, refreshing and compulsive, LocoRoco plunges you into a colourful world where jelly-like creatures (LocoRoco) sing, roll and bounce their way through levels to reach their goals.

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Rolling around the forest.
This game is very simplistic in its game design and uses a basic tilting and bouncing gameplay mechanic Ė using the PSP systemís L and R buttons to tilt the ground up to about 30 degrees in either direction. The jelly-like LocoRoco just canít stay still - guide these little characters as they bounce, roll and jump their way to the goal, avoiding splinters and enemies. I guess if you are to pick another similar title it's the very impressive Mercury which saw you guiding a blob of, ermm, mercury through a level from start to finish.

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It's getting a bit chilly here.
As the game progresses you can grow LocoRoco by eating fruit, the fatter they are by the end of the level, the more points you get. And when they are too big to fit through narrow pathways, split into tiny LocoRoco at the push of a button to squeeze through small spaces and uncover hidden rooms and treats. Pop out the other side and combine back into one big LocoRoco to continue your journey. You can even guide your LocoRoco through certain walls to collect secret items, so thereís plenty to satisfy skilled gamers too.

With a wide variety of levels LocoRoco really is a wonderfully colourful title which should go down a treat on the PSP. This game is all about the gameplay and this is one game which I can't thank Sony enough for deciding to bring out in June.