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November 12 2007
Jackass: The Game - PSP Review
Release Date Distributor Publisher Developer
25/11/2007FuntasticRed MileSidhe
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You know the landing will be painful!
As I admitted in my preview for Jackass: The Game I am not a fan of the TV series or movies upon which this game is based. I simply do not see the humour in many of the stunts, nor the need to promote this to idiotic copycats who then choke up our hospital systems with injuries and burden the taxpayer with having to cover the costs. So now that I've offended almost everyone reading this review (as, if you’re reading this, you're probably a fan of the shows!) I'll get onto the game. You may actually be surprised to learn that this idiotic behaviour actually makes for a very entertaining game.

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It's Crazy Taxi - in a garbage can!
The premise of Jackass: The Game is pretty simple. The director has been injured in a stunt that has gone horribly wrong and you are to take control of the shoot. In fact you don't really direct, but rather take control of the 'actors' (they being Johnny Knoxville and the Jackass crew) as they complete the many stunts on offer.

Jackass: The Game includes almost all your favourite characters from the TV series (the only exception being Bam Magera) including Johnny Knoxville, Steve-o, Ryan Dunn, Ehren Mcghehey, Dave England, Chris Pontius, Preston Lacy, Wee man, and Jeff Tremaine. With 7 TV shows to complete, and 5 stunts in each the 35 missions are varied. These stunts range from performing a high dive with a range of fancy moves before landing in a pile of dung, dancing in time with the music in a store in your jocks, tearing around a mini-golf course in a golf buggy to cause as much destruction as possible, or rolling around a rooftop in massive inflatable balls trying to knock your friends off before they knock you to a painful fall to earth to name just a few.

Much of the entertainment in this game can be found in the great injury system which keeps track of every impact and then, at the end of the game, tallies up your injuries and their cost from broken bones to ruptured spleens and skin abrasions.

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That's Johnny Knoxville up there!
Somewhat surprisingly the PSP version of this game contains extra features not seen in the PS2 version including unlockable footage from the Jackass TV series that lets players see the pros in action. More importantly though the game allows you to fully customise the replays. As well as selecting the camera angle and speed you can then edit these into a TV show and then upload them to the Internet for your friends to check out. This feature is missing from the PS2 version fo the game, and we suggest this is due to a lack of storage space required to store the clips.

Multi-player is also supported for up to 4-player over wireless connections. These multi-player modes will certainly add a bit more longevity to the title should you want to play with some friends.

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Whack a Wee Man!
I guess my biggest complaint at the moment is that the game is so damn short. You can breeze through the 35 main missions in a couple of hours and see all that there is to see in terms of mini-game. Having said that you will me missing out on a great chunk of the experience by bypassing the editing mode. Hell, the first time I played through the first 10 levels I didn't realise that I should be saving the replay to edit and create the shows (see, it does pay to read manuals occasionally!). The good news though is that in the coming months developers Sidhe will be making some downloadable content available to gamers to add in some more missions and stunts. We believe this is still undergoing final testing at Sony but will hopefully be available either at, or just after, this title launches. Obviously we can not attest to the content or quality of these games as yet.

One area of the game that did pleasantly surprise were the graphics. In particular the character models and animation are very solid. Each of the characters is instantly recognisable from their real life counterparts. It's pretty entertaining to see the ragdoll physics in action as the characters fly, fall and splatter all over the levels. Backgrounds are a bit of a mixed bag. Some levels are quite detailed while others could have done with a little more work.

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Why is everyone in the game near-naked?
Jackass: The Game includes some pretty entertaining audio. Primarily rock based the music is upbeat. The game is littered with effects and speech which adds a bit of humour to the title.

Jackass: The Game isn't a high point in gaming on the PSP however it does provide a bit of entertainment. The game really should have been longer, although downloadable content could easily add quite a bit more longevity to the game. If you're a Jackass fan then you'll probably like this game a little more then I did.

Review By: Dave Warner

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GRAPHICSThe characters are modeled quite well, animation is adequate, backgrounds a little hit and miss.
SOUNDThere's a bit of speech and some pretty solid music and effects.
GAMEPLAYBacically a series of mini-games. Some are great, some not so.
VALUEIt is cheap, but you'll breeze through it. Fortunately there is a lot of additional content and upcoming downloads.
OVERALLJackass: The Game isn't one which will have you running to the shops to buy a PSP and the game, but if you have the system, and a few dollars to spare (well, around $AU40 if you shop around) then this will keep you entertained.

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