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July 4 2007
Jackass: The Game - PSP Preview
Release Date Distributer Publisher Developer Anticipation Players Price
15/11/2007FuntasticRed MileSidhe1-4$49.95
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Whack a Wee Man!
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Why is everyone near-naked?

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Sailing through the air.
I'll admit that I've never been a fan of Jackass as a TV show. Sure, I do see the funny side of many of the stunts, but I also know that there are so many copycats in this world that ultimately the tax payer ends up paying for these people in public hospitals because they see their heroes performing stunts and think they can do it themselves. I don't know how many people have been hospitilised since the TV show started in the late 1990's, but it would have to be in the thousands worldwide.

But OK. That's enough of my ranting about the TV show, let's look at the videogame - and it's a game that could be brilliantly entertaining. In fact the premise of performing a series of wild and crazy stunts lends itself perfectly to small chunks of gameplay, and also a wide variety of small 'mini' games. The game is described in the following manner: 'Johnny Knoxville and the jackass crew are knee deep in their latest series of ill-conceived stunts, pranks and acts of indecency, and this time youíre in the directorís seat'.

Jackass: The Game includes all your favourite characters from the TV series as well with Johnny Knoxville, Steve-o, Ryan Dunn, Ehren Mcghehey, Dave England, Chris Pontius, Preston Lacy, Wee man, and Jeff Tremaine. With more than 35 unique scenarios, players will get to virtually experience Jackass stunts too extreme for even their wildest dreams - from careening down the streets of San Francisco in a garbage can while dodging traffic to running off on a golf cart at a golf course while trying to hit every destructible object in the way.

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It's Crazy Taxi - in a garbage can!
Jackass: The Game features dynamic physics, detailed ragdoll modeling, and rich, populated levels for truly emergent gameplay - no two Jackass the Game stunts will ever be the same. A detailed in-game injury system tracks every impact: from virtually broken femurs to ruptured spleens. The more punishment that the player inflicts upon the Jackass characters, the higher the playerís score. In addition, Jackass the Game also has a variety of multiplayer features that allow players to go head to head for even more intense and competitive action.

The PSP version of this game will contain extra features not seen in the PS2 version including unlockable footage from the Jackass TV series that lets players see the pros in action. Furthermore, a fully realized replay engine allows players to save their very own signature Jackass moments with detailed camera controls and editing features. In addition, players can trade their saved replays and clips with other players via the PSP systemís wireless functionality. Nice...

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That's Johnny Knoxville up there!
Now we know that multi-player will be included, certainly 2-player and we'll be surprised if this game doesn't also include support for 4-players given the party based atmosphere surrounding the title. Graphics in the game look pretty crisp and while it's not likely to be as detailed as some other games on the PSP if it moves smoothly we'll be more then happy. We do have to question though why almost every screenshot includes people near-naked!

While we're not sure about the moral issues with the TV show, and to some extent the game, we know there's an audience, and there is plenty of potential for New Zealand developer Sidhe to create something pretty exciting on Sony's systems (it's coming out on PS2 and PSP). Sidhe have a pretty strong track record with titles including NRL Rugby and Gripshift to their name and Jackass: The Game promises to be another feather in their ever-expanding cap. One to keep an eye out for in mid-November through Funtastic.