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April 27 2006
HOT PXL - PSP Preview
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Graphics look pretty unique.
Now here's an interesting game, or should that be series of mini-games. HOT PXL actually comprises 200 deviously crafted micro-games based on a quirky and original story premise and drawing inspiration from street culture and the digital lifestyle.

In HOT PXL the player is charged with guiding the central character, a half-skater, half-nerd named Djon, through a typical day in his pixellated digital world. The world of HOT PXL features fast paced and varied micro-games ranging from the eccentrically outrageous, through to the subtle and cool, dipping into Atari's rich video game history for inspiration along the way.

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It's not all completely whacky...
The rapid fire gameplay requires players to draw on their reflexes and 2D gaming prowess to get through hundreds of inspired scenarios - whether it's blasting through an old-school style video game, busting tricks on a skateboard or a BMX, stage-diving at a pixellated concert, or just trying to cross a busy digital street. According to the developers web site they are aiming to improve a players ' gaming skills, reflexes, memory, dexterity...'.

HOT PXL will take full advantage of PSP's unique capabilities, including the ability to download new content through an online interface, ensuring gamers receive the most evolutionary and fresh gaming experience on the scene.

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...but most of it is!
This is yet another original and unique title for the PSP - 2006 is certainly shaping up as a good year for the system. The graphics look quite interesting and should generate much interest from that aspect alone. Developers the world over are slowly realising that you don't need mainstream racing games of FPS's to sell millions of copies with 2005 seeing some rather unique hit games including Nintendogs and Brain Age on the Nintendo DS outsell virtually all other titles. HOT PXL is currently scheduled for release in time for Christmas 2006 and is one worth keeping an eye on.