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June 25 2007
Hot Brain - PSP Preview
Release Date Distributer Publisher Developer Anticipation Players Price
5/7/2007Red AntMidwayMidway San Diego1-4$49.95
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The brain is heating up alright!
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Not exactly too hard.

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The graphics are functional enough.
In recent times there has been a new fad in video games - those which aim to educate or improve you as a person. Nintendo have had a monster hit with their Brain Training games and other companies haven't taken too long to jump on the bandwagon - although none has managed to get anywhere near the sales that Nintendo has achieved. Midway would be hoping to change that with Hot Brain for the PSP. This is their way of getting your brain ticking over.

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Can you work this one out?
So what is Hot Brain then? Well this is a game that engages the mind through a series of puzzles and challenges designed to raise the activity and temperature of your brain. Hot Brain presents challenging and fun mental activities that help ignite your mind in areas like logic, memory, math, language and concentration.

Exclusive to the PSP, Hot Brain allows you to test your skills in several single player modes or you can play with up to three people via ad-hoc connection. Whether you're an expert or a beginner, a robust tutorial mode makes the game accessible and enjoyable to people of all ages.

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The results of your test.
Graphics aren't too exciting but are good enough to get the job done. We could never expect the game to push massive numbers of polygons of visual effects. Having said that there certainly doesn't appear to be much wrong with the overall look of the game.

Obviously trying to cash in on the fad that is Brain Training on the Nintendo DS this looks like an admirable attempt - although from what we have seen the puzzles don't appear to be too difficult. Still, if you're a parent, or even someone that likes brain teasers then this may be the game for you. Expect a release in July for only $AU49.95.