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March 11 2008
God of War: Chains of Olympus - PSP Preview
Release Date Distributer Publisher Developer Anticipation Players Price
27/3/2008SonySonyReady at Dawn1$79.95
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Does this battle look familiar?
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Graphics are pretty spectacular.

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Effects are all in place as well.
The Playstation 2 era saw several major franchises launch including Devil May Cry, SingStar, Buzz!, and of course Grand Theft Auto to name a few. The biggest of the bunch though is certainly God of War. Astounding reviews and millions of sales have ensured that Sony now has one of the biggest franchises. God of War: Chains of Olympus is the third game in the series, and the first to hit the Playstation Portable. Think this will be an inferior product, you better think again.

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Kratos had better prepare for battle.
God of War: Chains of Olympus is a prequel to the first installment of the franchise, and begins with Kratos embarking on a journey across mysterious new environments that are engulfed in darkness and completely untouched by mortals. The Gods have been rendered powerless from the state of their world, leaving Kratos with only one choice he must square off against the most vicious of demonic creatures from Greek Mythology and choose between saving his soul or the ancient world from imminent and total destruction.

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Getting up close and personal.
Rather then being developed by Sony's Santa Monica studios this title is actually being handled by Ready At Dawn. Don't know the name? Well fear not as the studio has developed the superb Daxter which remains one of the best games on Sony's handheld to date.

As expected God of War: Chains of Olympus retains almost identical gameplay to that of the Playstation 2 titles with all of Kratos' moves present in this title. The third person action adventure sees you hacking and slashing your way through numerous levels filled with foes sent from the gods. As with the Playstation 2 titles the boss battles should be a feature of the game. Naturally with the PSP not having an L2 or R2 as well as right analogue stick we were concerned that this game would match it, but Ready at Dawn have come up with great solutions so there's no worries in that regard including pressing L and R together to dodge attacks, while holding down the R button allows you to select magic with the D-Pad.

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Blades leave a wonderful effect!
One impressive aspect of this game is the following the initial loading the game will not pause for loading throughout the game - hooray! Unlockable content including new costumes and concept art and galleries will be included to name a few things.

Graphically God of War: Chains of Olympus really is pushing the system to its limits. As many readers would know Ready at Dawn certainly know how to handle the hardware as we've seen in their game Daxter. Levels are superbly detailed and the animation on Kratos, as well as foes, is silky smooth as well.

The Playstation Portable really has suffered from a lack of quality titles of late, and it doesn't look set to get better in the near future either. Fortunately there are still some standout titles on the way, and God of War: Chains of Olympus promises to be one of the best. Expect a release in Australia on March 27.