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December 17, 2005
Go! Sudoku - Review
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6/12/2005SonySonySumo Digital
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Look it's Go! Sudoku's play screen.
If you like to use your grey matter a bit when playing games then Go! Sudoku is the game for you. This is a classic pen and paper game, but has now been transferred to PSP so you can play anywhere, any time, and even against friends (or foes). To see a puzzle game such as this hit the system so early in its life is quite welcome, and what's more Sony are releasing the title at a budget price of $AU49.95. Interested yet? You should be.

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All the 1's have been used.
The idea behind this game is quite simple. You are presented with a grid of nine large squares each of which are also split up into nine small squares. Your task is to fill the large squares with the numbers 1 to 9 in each of the smaller squares, but in doing so you must not have two of the same number in a larger square. In addition to that any numbers placed can not already be on the same row or column across the entire board. It may sound confusing, but it's not. Fortunately for newcomers Sony have also included a nice training mode to help novices get the hang of the game - which took me about 10 minutes. Go! Sudoku is also timed so it's also a race against the clock, but any mistakes will cost you lives, and if you use up too many, also extra time for every mistake.

Go! Sudoku includes four difficulty levels - Easy, Medium, Difficult and Fiendish. While the easy levels can be breezed through in a matter of minutes the harder levels require much more thought as the puzzles start with fewer and fewer numbers, often only leaving one or two certain moves.

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Now this is expert playing!
Multiplayer is also catered for in this game. With the option for passing the PSP or playing via Wi-fi for up to 4-players. The game even has Gameshare for 5 of the puzzles so you can let your mates play the game. For a limited time Sony are offering 200 brand new puzzles to download from These include 80 easy puzzles, 60 mild puzzles, 40 difficult and 20 fiendish bringing the games total to over 1000 puzzles (there are around 800 on the disc!). Now that's a lot of game.

This game has translated quite well to the PSP and it's pretty hard to find any flaws with the gameplay. Perhaps there should be an option to disable displaying where you got a number wrong. For instance if you place two of the same number in a square it highlights both so you can easily see where you went wrong rather then just highlighting the incorrect one you just place.

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Ohh look, another background!
In terms of video and audio there's nothing here that either pushes the PSP, or pushes your senses either. The game is played on a screen with a grid (as you can see in these screenshots) with no frills, bells or whistles. You can set the background to a picture on your PSP, but even then it's essentially only a wallpaper for the game. The audio is quite similar in that it's there, it serves its purpose but isn't an aspect of the game which you'll try to show off to your mates.

If you like games that require some thought then Go! Sudoku is certainly worth picking up. At a budget price this is a great Christmas present for those tiring of a) numerous racing games b) numerous sports games and/or c) numerous violent games. Go! Sudoku is highly recommended.

Review By: Dave Warner

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GRAPHICSVery basic graphics, but very clean. Could have had some more frills.
SOUNDSome rather forgettable background music, and pretty basic effects.
GAMEPLAYOne of the greatest puzzle games makes its way to PSP - addictive!
VALUEHundreds of puzzles included, and you can download even more!
OVERALLGo! Sudoku is yet another great puzzle game for the PSP. Yes, the game could have been jazzed up with better graphics and sound, but addictiveness is the key here, and it's full of it. A bargain at only $AU49.95.

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