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July 12, 2005
Formula One Grand Prix - Preview
Release Date Publisher Developer Anticipation Players Price
1/9/2005SonyTraveller's Tales/

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Graphics do look fairly impressive.
Formula One racing games during the 32-bit era were all the rage. They allowed developers to really push the boundaries of console technology and it was a time when the racing world wasn't so dominated, and in our opinion damage, by the sheer brilliance of Schumacher. Don't get me wrong the guy is a sporting superstar, but he constant winning didn't help the sport at all. Indeed the number of rule changes over the last couple of years have been put in place to curb his dominance. Unfortunately the Playstation 2 hasn't been as kind to Sony's Formula One titles. The games seemed to lose that excitement factor as they became increasingly simulator in style and failed to make an impression on gamers. But now the racing genre is heading to the PSP.

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Spinning out of control.
Formula One Grand Prix will include all 18 official circuits and all 10 official teams, 20 cars with performance stats based on their historical season performances and 5 unlockable classic bonus cars. In terms of gameplay the developers realise that people playing the PSP are more likely to look for a shorter gameplay burst then if they are in the lounge room and have focused the gameplay in a more arcade style with 7 challenging modes including Quick Race, World Championship, Head to Head and Eliminator Championship. It will also be possible to link up to other PSP's via Wi-Fi for multiplayer races with up to 8 players, as well as Ghost Car and Best Time exchange mode.

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Don't Walk?
Developed by Traveller's Tales Formula One Grand Prix is equally as impressive as its bigger PS2 cousing and includes a few neat features exclusive to this version such as the ability to customise sountracks played off the memory stick. Another new feature includes the promise of downloadable content - most likely to update the stats and features in the game to keep the game up to date with the real world. Graphically the game looks pretty sharp with a fairly solid frame rate that should be next to perfect upon the games release.

With the game set to be a launch title in Australia and Europe the developers, and Sony, will be hoping that it can draw legions of Formula One fans back to the genre. With this years Formula One championship being the most interesting for years it may well have a chance.