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May 2, 2006
Field Commander - PSP Preview
Release Date Publisher Developer Anticipation Players Price
27/7/2006UbisoftSony Online Ent.1-4$79.95

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Graphics look pretty special.
I have to say this is one game which really has us excited here at We love Command & Conquer on the PC and while this isn't that series, this looks every bit as exciting, albeit with turn-based rather then real-time action. Field Commander from Sony Online Entertainment (the same company behind Untold Legends: Brotherhood of the Blade on the PSP) is not only one of the best looking upcoming PSP titles, but promises some exciting gameplay, for both single gamers, and those looking for some multi-player action through a single PSP, Wi-Fi or online.

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The top-down gameplay view.
In the game players will take the role of a Field Commander working for an independent organization established by the Allied Nations to defend the world against an evil terrorist organization bent on inciting wars, dealing illicit arms and global domination. With an arsenal of 15 army divisions and 11 commanding officers to choose from, players will be able to command the land, skies and sea. Indeed when looking at what you can command the developers are including 36 different units from tanks, to stealth bombers, to stealth boats, to submarines. It's all here as expected.

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Battle in the desert.
This PSP exclusive titles single player game includes 30 missions to participate in. As with any strategy title the missions start off slowly, and you'll have to build resources before battling the enemy. The game also employs a fog of war which sees sections of the map blacked out until you explore the area. Each of the missions continues a lengthy storyline and will certainly take some time to get through. The nature of the turn based strategy game means it can run as fast, or slow, as you want it to.

Sony Online Entertainment are ensuring multi-player plays a big role in this game. As well as offering support for a multi-player game on a single system gamers will also be able to participate in an ad hoc match, or game via infrastructure mode. More unique is the inclusion of a transmission mode which allows you to send moves online from one gamer to another an then wait for a response the next day.

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Selecting your next move.
Should you get bored with the missions provided in the game then you can enter an editing mode to create your own missions, which can even be uploaded to the internet for other gamers to play. Alternatively you can download missions created by other gamers to play on your own PSP.

With Field Commander set for release in Australia in late July, with the American release set for late May. This is certainly one game we're very keen to check out and strategy/action gamers will probably do well to have a look too. Expect a review close to launch.