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August 4, 2005
Everybody's Golf - Preview
Release Date Publisher Developer Anticipation Players Price
1/9/2005SonyClap Hanz1-8$79.95

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The replay.
One of our biggest disappointments in the life of the Playstation 2 is Sony's failure to bring the Everybody's Golf titles to PAL territories. In Japan the game is known as Minna no Golf, in America as Hot Shots Golf. The game doesn't aim for realism like EA's Tiger Woods titles but rather gives games an extremely enjoyable golf game with very cute characters and some of the most perfect pick up and play gameplay ever seen. Now the series is heading to PAL territories on both the PS2 and Playstation Portable.

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Courses are quite clean.
Taking the stuffiness out of the sport and injecting fun on the course and into the clubhouse, Everybody’s Golf welcomes beginners and the more seasoned ‘golf gamer’ alike into this stunning world of golfing glory. Gorgeous sun drenched landscapes, sparkling streams and deep sandy dunes give you the perfect landscapes to perfect your putts. Sounds wonderful doesn't it, but does this Playstaion Portable version actually have the right features and gameplay? You'd better believe it.

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130 yards from the pin.
In terms of features the game includes 10 new characters and 5 new caddies. The characters are fully customisable with over 250 body parts, accesories, clubs and balls. Six brand new 18-hole courses will included in the game. The game includes three game modes including single player which includes stroke play and tournament challenge modes. A training mode is allows players to practice their skills on selected courses.

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Going for the putt.
One aspect of Everybody's Golf which is certain to excite many PSP owners is the ability to connect up to 8-players via Wi-fi for a realtime tournmanet or even a putting challenge.

With the game due out in a matter of weeks we can't wait to get our hands on it. Having played the Japanese PS2 games in the past we know just how brilliant it will be and the transition to PSP looks to be payng big dividends.