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July 12, 2005
Dynasty Warriors - Preview
Release Date Publisher Developer Anticipation Players Price
1/9/2005KoeiOmega Force1$TBA

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174 kills and counting.
We have to admit that we're becoming a little bit jaded with the Dynasty Warriors series on PS2. After some brilliant initial games the last two have been disappointing in the lack of progress made to the series. The Playstation Portable has allowed the developers Omega Force (who also develop the PS2 titles) to have another look at the series and indeed there have been some changes made which will hopefully reinvogorate the series.

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Oh look, character selection.
For the first time on any handheld platform, Dynasty Warriors transports players onto the virtual battlefields of Ancient China to experience the thrill of fighting legions of ruthless enemy soldiers. Gamers can choose up to 42 playable characters, each wielding powerful weapons and lethal fighting skills. The game introduces new features found exclusively on the PSP including a Battlefield Area System that creates new strategic gameplay and also allows for shorter periods of play - ideal for a mobile environment. The "Second-in-command" Officer System features bodyguards with special skills that players control. With hundreds of bodyguards to discover, including a few surprise officers, gamers can collect and select which officers to take into battle. Players can also trade bodyguard officers using the Memory Stick Duo.

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Levels are now broken up.
Presentation-wise the developers look to have captured the style and scope of the PS2 title. The characters are wonderully presented although a question remains - as with all titles in the series - regarding the draw-in distance and fogging.

Dynasty Warriors has been a superb series on PS2 and there's no reason why it won't translate well to the PSP. Expect the game to hit the shelves at the systems launch on September 1st.