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July 12, 2005
Death Jr. - Preview
Release Date Publisher Developer Anticipation Players Price
8/3/2006KonamiBackbone Entertainment1-4$79.95

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Levels look quite fun.
When the PSP was first announced many doubted that the system would be much more powerful then Nintendo's latest handheld - the Gameboy Advance, and even the Gameboy DS. When the first PSP screens started to appear it was of a little game called Death Jr. In fact the screenshots were so impressive many believed they weren't even for the console, but maybe even a PS2 title. Anyway here we are, months later and the game is about to be a launch title for the system here in Australia.

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Now that's some great lighting.
Death Jr. is a new action platforming game that seamlessly blends elements from first-person shooters with the exploration of a third-person platformer and serves up a large dose of intense gameplay and weapon heavy combat for the PSP portable. The game stars Death, Jr. (DJ), the teenage son of the grim reaper, who is armed with a mighty scythe, a family heirloom which serves as both a weapon and a unique platforming tool, along with an arsenal of guns and explosives.

DJ has a number of friends he hangs out with: Pandora, an obsessive compulsive goth girl who can't put her hands on anything without trying to open it; Smith and Weston, a pair of brainiac twins conjoined at the head; Stigmartha, a girl who bleeds from her hands whenever she gets nervous; and the Seep, an armless, legless, foul-mouthed foreign exchange student in a vat.

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It's a monkey, it a skeleton - just shoot it!
On a field trip to the Museum of Supernatural History, this band of friends discovers a tantalizing box and, at the insistence of Pandora, opens it, unleashing Moloch, an ancient demon, and all of his minions into the world. DJ must overcome near insurmountable odds to save his friends and the world to keep from getting into some serious trouble with his dad.

The game combines first person shooting elements with third person platforming action. The game moves fairly fast as DJ jumps around the levels taking on enemies many times his size. His primary weapone is the scythe for melee attacks while other weapons such as dual pistols, lightning guns, flamethrowers and exploding C4 hamsters are also available for range attacks.

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Running around outside.
Graphically this game is shaping up very nicely. Not only are the characters bold and distincive but the entire game has a wonderful cartoony look to them. The particle effects are simply wonderful with some very special explosions already in place.

Death Jr. may at first glance seem like a kiddy title - it's not. This is a wonderful action packed game and will be one to keep an eye on. While the game was initially aimed for a September release it has now been pushed back into March 2006. We're not sure why, but will try to find out if the European version is getting altered or upgraded.