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June 16, 2007
Dungeons and Dragons Tactics - PSP Preview
Release Date Publisher Developer Anticipation Players Price
3/8/2007AtariKuju Ent.1-4$79.95
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The graphics aren't all dungeons!
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Selecting your next move in battle.

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Plenty of characters scrap it out!
Dungeons & Dragons fans number in the millions the world over. It's a classic game that evokes loyalties that rival that of Star Trek's Trekkies, or Star Wars fans. Announced well over a year ago now it has been a very long wait for D&D fans to get their hands on this game - but we can assure you that the lengthy development time has been put to good use. Dungeons & Dragons: Tactics is the first time that the license will be used on Sony's handheld platform and at this stage everything seems to be in the right place to make this a "must have" title.

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Just to prove, there are cut scenes...
Players take on the role of a mortal child caught in a conflict of two competing dragons striving for godhood. Alignment is critical, as it affects the end of the story and allows players to change from good to evil, or the other way around, depending on which quests they choose. Gamers will play through a series of adventures, completing various objectives along the way.

Dungeons & Dragons: Tactics offers all the Dungeons & Dragons base character classes including Barbarian, Bard, Cleric, Druid, Fighter Monk, Paladin, Ranger, Rogue, Sorcerer and Wizard. Five Prestige Classes are available, as are two Psionic classes, the Psion and the Psychic Warrior. Players will be able to customise their characters and store as many as their memory stick can handle. The gmae is also based around the D&D 3.5 ruleset for those in the know.

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The Skeleton has almost had it.
Dungeons & Dragons: Tactics will take full advantage of the PSP systemís wireless capability and offer gamers a multiplayer mode. The co-operative mode allows a group of gamers to play through th campaign with their friends as a team. In Deathmatch mode a series of special arenas, such as the randomly-generated and populated Dungeon Bash, allows players to fight one another with their saved parties. Dungeons & Dragons: Tactics also features the ability to utilise downloadable content helping extend the play in the form of new dungeon maps. It is unclear if we will have to pay for these maps and bonus items.

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Graphics have improved a lot of late.
We have to admit that when this game was first announced and shown we were bitterly disappointed with the graphics (indeed you can see one of the first screenshots here to see just how bad it looked!). In recent months though the game has come along in leaps and bounds and while still not the best we've seen on the system it is at least up to a standard which looks passable.

As with any RPG, Dungeons & Dragons: Tactics' quality is going to be all about the storyline and characters and in that point it could be a winner. Expect a release, after several months of delays for improvements, in early August 2007 (hopefully).