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March 21, 2005
Daxter - PSP Preview
Release Date Publisher Developer Anticipation Players Price
20/4/2006SonyReady at Dawn1$79.95

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Levels are superbly detailed.
There is little doubt that Naughty Dog's Jak & Daxter trilogy on PS2 has been a monster hit and deservedly so. Now Jak's sidekick Daxter is getting his own game called, well, Daxter. The game is a PSP exclusive and while development isn't being handled by Naughty Dog - the creator of the PS2 titles - it is in pretty good hands. You see, even though Ready at Dawn are a new company two of the founders, Andrea Pessino and Ru Weerasuriya, worked at Blizzard on titles such as Starcraft and Warcraft while the third founder, Didier Malenfant, worked on the first two Jak titles at Naughty Dog.

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What am I to do?
The game actually takes place prior to Jak II and allows you to discover what Daxter did in the two years in Haven City before he freed Jak at the beginning of that title. The game will actually fill gamers in on the full story, including Daxter's job as a pest exterminator, but also adds new locations and gameplay elements not seen in the PS2 titles. The story is actually being written by Naughty Dog's Creative Director Dan Arey who worked on the stories for the original PS2 titles.

In terms of abilities Daxter can perform the usual jumps, double jumps, ducking, running, attack combos, attack finishing moves and so on however it's his weapons that are most impressive. Primarily his weapon is a rechargable spray gun which allows him to spray enemies or act as a jet pack when required to get him out of harms way or fly over large, unjumpable areas. Enemies in the 24 large levels are varied but also include minaturised versions of the Metalheads from the PS2 games.

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What the hell is that?!
Perhaps most amusing is that at times Daxter will fall asleep while on the job and it will even be possible to enter his dreams where you can enter a series of mini-games. What these are remain to be seen, but expect plenty of humour as always.

Cut-scenes have always been a fantastic element in the Jak & Daxter trilogy but don't think for a second that PSP owners will be left out in this area with around 20 minutes of cut scenes promised in this title. Ready at Dawn have also promised an impressive range of dialogue in the game and Max Casella will return as the whacky voice of Daxter.

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Screens don't do the graphics justice.
One really cool bonus is that owners of this game and Naughty Dog's Jak X Combat Racing will be able to transfer characters from this game into the racing title while the PS2 game may unlock extras in Daxter as well.

Damn, we're excited about Daxter. From what we've seen - which admittedly isn't nearly as much as we want - it looks like the best platform game on PSP to date. In fact, the title looks like not only the best platform title, but could quite possibly be the best game on PSP this year. Now that would be impressive. Look for Daxter to hit PSP's in late April 2006.