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July 12, 2005
Coded Arms - Preview
Release Date Publisher Developer Anticipation Players Price
Sept. 2005KonamiKonami Studios1-4$TBA

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The effects are pretty nice.
Now this is what the PSP is all about - original games that look like making great use of the systems power. Konami's Coded Arms looks set to offer something different from the many racing, sports and adventure games we can expect on the system - hardcode First Person Shooting. This game not only appears original - on the PSP at least - but also looks quite special. With Konami developing Coded Arms there was little doubt it would generate plenty of interest.

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Check out that enemy!
Coded Arms injects you into a high-adrenaline, virtual-reality combat training simulator. Developed to prepare futureworld government soldiers for nightmarish war scenarios, this system was meant to be the ultimate teaching tool. A bug that would not be extracted forced the government to shut the system down, but the simulator’s AI was too smart to quietly submit to having its plug pulled. As über-hacker, cyber-thief extraordinaire, your mission is to break into the simulator, defeat its deadliest assassins and harvest the code that powers its AI.

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Shooting from above.
In the game you have an arsenal of 30 weapons including pulse rifles, rocket launchers, lightning guns, sniper rifles, mines and grenades. The game takes place over six expansive multi-level game worlds and while the controls are a little awkward according to reports from E3 the developers will allow you to configure them to your liking. Crucially the game will reportedly run at a solid frame rate which is crucial in any FPS - even on the smallest console!

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The interface is clean.
Wireless multiplayer capabilities feature three modes with enough weapons to make any Green Beret smile. Randomly generated environments offer limitless replay value and unique maps every time. Spawn-camping is a thing of the past. Ferocious wireless multiplayer capability features Deathmatch, Last Man Standing and Keep the Mark.

For all the hype and hoopla about the PSP launch Coded Arms is one of the games we are most excited about seeing. Not only is it a PSP exclusive game but also promises some superb multi-player action.