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Dec. 17 2006
Capcom Classics Collection Remixed - PSP Review
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28/7/2006THQCapcomCapcom /
Digital Eclipse
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Some games still look good.
Retro gaming has been a fairly big thing lately, with many companies releasing collections of many older games for both handheld and home console systems. The latest one to hit PSP is Capcomís Classics Collection Remixed, which includes 20 games from back in Capcomís hey-day. To be specific, hereís a list of games included in the collection:
Avengers, Bionic Commando, Black Tiger, Block Block, Captain Commando, Final Fight, Forgotten Worlds, Last Duel, Legendary Wings, Magic Sword, Mega Twins, Quiz & Dragons, Section Z, Side Arms, The Speed Rumbler, Street Fighter, Strider, Three Wonders, and Varth.

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Strider wasn't in the first PS2 pack.
Thatís a fairly nice list there. There are a few games in there that you probably didnít even get a chance to play way back in their day! The collection is a mix of great, horrible and mediocre games that is sure to have something for every fan of retro arcade classics. It should also be noted that these are all the arcade versions, not the NES versions (as several were released on the NES).

So the big question is: ďhow do they play?Ē as many retro collections have horrible emulation and a full of flaws. Well, I am extremely happy to be able to report that all of these titles run without a single hiccup and after many hours of play I am yet to experience any slowdown whatsoever.

Controls are very simple, with most of the games only requiring either the analogue stick or D-pad (both are supported so itís whichever you prefer) and 2 buttons, though a few use all 4 action buttons. One very nice feature is that you can change how the game is displayed, allowing you to view it in a number of ways. For example, games like 1941, which are vertically scrolling games, are best viewed with the PSP on its side, and this can be set up. The controls are configured in such a way that games can be played either way and this is a very welcome inclusion.

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Three Wonders...
Obviously, what you get out of this collection is going to depend on how much you enjoy the games included, and the majority of the games are very simple, but there is enough variety there to suit most gamers. In particular though, fans of side-scrolling beat-em ups, side-scrolling platformers and vertically-scrolling shooters (such as 1941) are probably going to be the most rewarded with this purchase.

One thing I feel I must mention is the excellent multiplayer support that has been included. If you leave your PSPís WLAN switch on, a friend can join you at any point in a game, and leave at any point. Itís that simple. Unfortunately this is only via ad-hoc, and both players must have their own copy of the UMD, but it is a magnificent way to include multiplayer for this style of game.

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Overall CCCR is a solid package.
There is actually very little wrong with this title. A few of the included games are, quite frankly, crap, and were back when they were released the first time, but I guess some people must like them. With each game having a history, some artwork, and hints, available to unlock there is plenty of game time here. Perhaps the only real issue is that you cannot save your game progress, but as this was how the original games were made, it is in the same spirit of the original releases. Hell, even load-times are minimal!

Each of the games looks quite nice on the PSP, and while little has been done to improve the graphics, the display is obviously smaller than an arcade machine, so the games do not look anywhere near as pixelated. As far as retro collections go, this is a very nice-looking title, and with the original graphics it scores extra for nostalgia among fans of the original games. We've also previously mentioned the ability to rotate the screen in some of the games which is a great feature.

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The image could be rotated.
This can also be said about the audio. Effects are about the same as they were back in the day, but coming through a smaller speaker, they sound fine. Itís not going to make you want to plug the PSP into your surround sound, but it will bring back many memories.

Overall, Capcom Classics Collection Remixed is one of the best retro collections weíve seen hit the PSP so far, and with great multiplayer, this release is going to keep you busy for quite a while. The price point (currently around $70 AU) is questionable, but if you like retro classics, this is a no-brainer. A very nice collection that any PSP owner old enough to recognise the games should at least consider.

Review By: Michael Hutchesson

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GRAPHICSLittle change made from the originals, though they look much nicer on the PSP. Great ability to change the display mode
SOUNDAlso perfectly recreated. Bring on the nostalgia!
GAMEPLAYEach game is as much fun as it was back when it was released, but now you have 20 of them!
VALUE20 games, 60 unlockables, and great multiplayer. Can you ask for more?
OVERALLOne of the best retro collections weíve ever seen for any platform.

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