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May 21 2008
Buzz! Master Quiz - PSP Preview
Release Date Distributer Publisher Developer Anticipation Players Price
July 2008SonySonyRelentless1-6$49.95

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It's Buzz, shrunk down for PSP!
When a franchise manages sales of over 6 million units on a single platform it's not expected to see that series branch out, and that series, Buzz!, is going to hit the Playstation Portable. So let's have a look what Sony are going to offer...

Buzz! Master Quiz is, as the name suggests, is a game which covers multiple topics rather then focusing on a single topic as many of the PS2 titles have done. These topics include Music, TV, Science, Celebrities, Nature, Sport, Movies and General Knowledge. The game will include 5,000 questions with around 1,000 photos and videos for use in the questions.

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This is actually a tricky question.
The single player mode presents players with a series of 15 different quiz challenges designed to test all aspects of your general knowledge. In each round, players can earn medals for their performance according to how many points they collect from correct answers. Each quiz has bronze, silver and gold medal criteria, so be sure to brush up on your general knowledge skills if you want to earn those elusive golds! There is also a variety of special trophies to collect according to how many correct questions the players has answered in a row, or how fast the players react.

The title features six new round types specifically designed for PSP including the speed-is-of-the-essence 'Quickfire Challenge', the picture-puzzler 'Picture This' and the mind-boggling 'Virus Challenge'.

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Well, which city is it?
The focus of Buzz! has always been on social play and the PSP version is no different, with three exciting multiplayer modes to test your quiz skills to the limit. Pass Around is a mode that you only need one PSP for, as you pass the system from player to player. As well as the fun of traditional quizzing, some rounds will let you prey on your opponents' general knowledge weaknesses: you can choose who to pass PSP to according to the question's subject matter. Other rounds will let you select the section of a photo you want to reveal to the next player, as you try to make it as difficult as possible for them to guess what it is. It's perfect for stitching up your pals and adds an exciting new tactical edge to game play - as well as a new social gaming element to PSP.

Game sharing is also supported up to 4 friends can connect multiple PSPs and share just one copy of the game to see who's quickest off the mark in frenzied 'Fastest Finger' play. Then there's Quiz Host Mode which is where one of the (two to six) players takes control of the game to select and ask the other players questions. The Quiz Host runs the whole game, with the power to award (or even deduct!) points however they see fit.

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This is a pretty easy one.
As you have probably seen from the surrounding screenshots this game really does retain the look and style of the Playstation 2 titles. Text is clear and easy to read and should be acceptable on the PSP's rather small screen.

With a release currently scheduled for July Buzz! Master Quiz is certain to be a great addition to the PSP's library. We have to question how well the multi-player will work given that you can't see what everyone is doing, but it should still play quite well. Expect a review around launch in a couple of months time.